More sporting and playing

Once Sean Óg got a  taste for hanging out with sporting stars around Myrtleville, there was no stopping him.  Here’s one where he was lucky enough to meet first-time triathlete, Siobhan Russell after the Crosshaven Challenge in 2009.  

Little did he know how famous she would become as the award winning, celebrity photographer to the open water swimming stars.  One for the mantlepiece, Sean Óg.

Mr. O hAilpín giving Ms. Russell the wrap-around treatment in 2009.

Mr. O hAilpín giving Ms. Russell the wrap-around treatment in 2009.  She looks dour, as usual.

Where we sported and played….

It’s hard to imagine it now, but there was a time when Myrtleville was not the centre of open water swimming in Cork – and thus the world, of course.  A time when you didn’t have to carefully work out when to go swimming, in order to avoid the crowds.  A time before its fame as home of The Hat, tremendous Towels and nude calendar models (tremendous, Kieran, tremendous).

Back then – c.2007 – someone had the bright idea that getting two famous Corkonian sporting brothers down for a photo might raise the profile of swimming at the beach.  So down they came, stalwarts of the Cork hurling scene…… Frank and Bernard Lynch.  

No laughing up there in Source, now.  Bernard played senior for Blackrock (it was a challenge game, yes, and they were stuck for subs, but it still counts).  Frank was a star minor until he went abroad for the crack.  He’d tell you himself, but he’s very modest.  

Anyway, they also brought along another few fellas with them, two of whom might also fall under the banner of famous sporting brothers who played a few matches.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Michael Collins, Frank Lynch, Sean Og O hAilpin, Bernard Lynch & Teu O hAilpin sporting and playing on Myrtleville beach in 2007.

Seriously, though, look at Bernard in that wetsuit.  A slip of a youngfella.  Only ten years ago?  He must have been doing nothing for the last few years.   Really – he went from that to THIS???

Bernard after a bit of a day out from Dover last Summer.

Bernard after a bit of a day out from Dover last Summer.

Age is a terrible thing.    Up the Rebels 🙂

Murphy Victory Press Conference

Fresh from his success in the Nude Calendar Vote, Mr. Kieran Murphy held a lunchtime press conference which has just concluded.  

He thanked his “many, many, most tremendous, greatest number ever, more voters than anyone else ever had” supporters and offered a machine gun to his fellow candidates.  An olive branch had been expected, but Mr. Murphy is taking a leaf from other recently successful candidates, so a machine gun it was.

Mr. Murphy at his meedja outing, with some fella from Mayo trying to bask in the reflected glory.

Mr. Murphy at his meedja outing, with some fella from Mayo trying to bask in the reflected glory.

Mr. Murphy was all-encompassing in his comments for his fellow candidates.  In other words, he dissed them all.

Some highlights:  “All of those losers can learn from me.  I’m the man.  Wait’ll they see my tremendous ass….ets.  Condon?  Yesterday’s news.  His shower business is down the tubes and now modelling’s out too.  Hallissey?  He might as well stay up there in that North Cork-Korea lake.  There’s nothing for him in the sea, where the action is.  Kiely?  Not even the feds could save his campaign. Shalloo?   He might be fast but where’s his numbers?  Frost?  Now, Frost was clever.   Going for that last place to force a win based on US election rules.  That might have worked.  I’ve got some respect for that guy.  The LOSER!!  Yes, Yes, I’m tremendous.”

However, Mr. Muphy did eventually make an offer to warm the hearts (and freeze the backsides) of his opponents.

“I’m a tremendously fair guy.  The fairest guy in the world.  The numbers show I’m fairer than anyone else who ever won a nude calendar model vote on Myrtleville Swimmers.  I’m willing to let all of those losers – sorry, I mean, tremendous, wonderful candidates – come along to my unveiling at 8.30am on Saturday morning in Fennell’s Bay.  I make this tremendous offer in a spirit of peace and hairyness.  It’ll be a sight to sea.  They can all join in too.  I’m in front, though.”

Murphy Wins!!


What a night!  With the lead changing hands repeatedly and interventions by foreign powers in the shape of the CIA (John Kiely), the Russkis (Denis Condon) and North Koreans (Frank Hallissey – who has been spending a lot of time in the Camps), it still came down to one simple incontrovertible truth – you’ll never beat the Irish in an online poll.

Despite looking beaten several times, Kieran Murphy’s loyal Irish fan-base came through and gave him the win.  Can’t wait to see the calendar!

Siobhan says there’s places for all of them, by the way.

The only fly in the ointment now is that there’s a legal challenge to the result by Gary Frost.  He claims that in the Trump era, the person who got the least votes actually wins. He cites the recent US election as an example.  We’re leaving that one in the hands of the lawyers.

Nude calendar models – A VOTE!

Just to raise the January spirits, we’ve decided to see if there’s scope for the bevy of beauties who swim in Myrtleville to find fame as calendar models. We’re not sure if it’ll be suitable for Pirelli sponsorship, but maybe Massey Ferguson.

As you would imagine, we’ve been inundated with requests to be included in this fictitious endeavour, but we have narrowed it down to six applicants.  They’ve all got a lot of posing experience and each believes he’s the man for the job.

We’re now conducting a poll so the great Myrtlevillian public can nominate our hero for calendaric fame.  And the nominees are…..


Here’s a sample of why they might be YOUR choice for stardom.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Jim Shalloo – practically ready for the calendar with those togs.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Denis – gratuitous shower shots a speciality.

Festive togs market sown up by K. Murphy. Ad agencies beating down his door.

Kieran Murphy – a posing pro. 

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Phwoar – two for the price of one.  John Kiely or Frank Hallissey?  Vote Now!! 

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Gary Frost – ready to drop the togs and pose, pose, pose.

Vote early, vote often.  Who’s the man for the job?

So, who IS that girl?

The girl in question from yesterday’s quiz was pictured in 1974 with her cousin, Tricia Dwane.  Her name is Staunton, but she’s better known to all of us as our shining star, Mrs. Siobhan Russell.


Also, for music junkies, Dave Stewart appears in the video escorted by a variety of guest stars including Cheryl Baker and Jay Aston of Bucks Fizz, Kiki Dee, Hazel O’Connor, Kate Garner of Haysi Fantayzee and all four members of Bananarama (including Stewart’s future wife, Siobhan Fahey and future group member Jacquie O’Sullivan who would replace Fahey in Bananarama in 1988). The gender-bending pop star Marilyn also makes an appearance in the video as another of Stewart’s escorts. 

By the way, Ms. Lennox  also appears as a man and in the last scene is actually kissing herself in male and female guises.  Mad stuff for 1983!

Now, get back to swimming.  Here’s another gratuitous shower shot to get you in the mood.  Or – given the model – put you off your breakfast.

Mr. Lowry becomes Mr. Showery.

Mr. Lowry becomes Mr. Showery.

Who’s that girl?

Never let it be said that we at Myrtleville Swimmers Meedja Enterprises & Associated Guff Production Inc. are not always looking for ways to keep our most loyal and committed fans – both of them – entertained.

Today we’re playing “Who’s that girl?” – and doing it not only with a Eurythmics soundtrack but also a further quiz based on the soundtrack video.  Mad or wha’?  You wouldn’t get that in San……, but anyway, let’s not digress.

Right, first of all, here’s a picture taken of serious swimmers about to swim to the Dutchman at some point in the 1970’s.  This was taken in Fennell’s Bay, so the swim to the Rock was more manageable for the young athletes.  Note particularly the coolest of cool togs – WITH skirt – modelled by the girl on the right.  That same girl on the right is still to be found swimming regularly at Fennell’s, the Dutchman and, of course, Myrtleville.

The question is – who’s that girl?1974-about-fennells-bay-tricia-dwane-cousin-siobhan-staunton

While you’re thinking about it, enjoy the dulcet tones of Ms. Lennox.  Watch the video and – if you’re of a certain era – enjoy spotting how many of the ladies accompanying Mr. Stewart are actually pop stars in their own right.  

See – the most funnest swimmy-type site in the whole world.  No competition. 

Shower Sweet Shower

The Shower Sweet Shower activist grouping have claimed victory over the HarCon Shower empire with the installation of new, free showers at Myrtleville Beach.   “No longer will decent, ordinary beach users suffer under the yoke of high-priced shower costs from the HarCon gang”, an SSS spokesman contributed.

Seen testing the new facilities today were a regular local beach user, who ensured the showers worked for togs aficionados.dsc00201

He was followed by a group who tested whether wetsuit users could benefit from the showers.showerAn earlier group checked what would happen if they stood under the showers and did nothing.  Nothing, they

Strangely, when contacted, a spokesperson for HarCon Showers seemed unconcerned about this supposed threat to their revenue streams.  “Robust, vandal-proof and suitable for heavy outdoor usage?  Have ya seen dem?  Come off de stage, boy.  I give ’em a week and we’ll be back in de mobile sales Yaris flogging showers like always.”

Worrying words of wisdom, one fears.

Making waves

While committed open water swimmers will tolerate the pool, they miss the waves from the open sea.  There were suggestions from the mystery correspondent who sent in this picture (thanks, Glen), that the actions of one M. Watson amounted to disruptive delinquency.  

However, we feel sure that our Marie wouldn’t be into that crack.  She was just trying to make herself feel at home, by creating some wave-like conditions in the pool. Maith an cailín, Marie.