Good luck to James and Trevor

James Slowey and Trevor Malone are heading “out foreign” for two major challenges in the next few days.  The very best of luck to both of them.  Both have put in a lot of time in Myrtleville and elsewhere this year.

Trevor - waving goodbye as he swims to England rather than go by ferry!

Trevor – waving goodbye!

Rarely out of the news - the paperazzi magnet  himself, Mr. Slowey.

Rarely out of the news – the paperazzi magnet himself, Mr. Slowey.

We all hope you get the rewards for your considerable efforts.

At Swim Book in Myrtleville

Great to meet Brendan and Michael on their round-Ireland trip. They got Myrtleville hats and a trip to the Dutchman. What more could you want? 😊

Thanks to everyone who turned up early yesterday. Here we all are posing for the next Dove ad.


Of course, you might spot one stand-out in the middle of that picture. The good news is James got a new suit for the Norseman. Seriously, though……


Anthony was pinning on a sign saying “the state of me” 😄

Thanks to Siobhan Russell, as ever, for the pictures.

Swim on Friday morning with the AT SWIM team.

On Friday morning at 06.15, two mildly eccentric gentlemen from Dublin will visit Myrtleville for a swim.  They’re on a tour of Ireland to find the best swimming spots.  As we have number one sorted for them, they’re making the trip to experience it for themselves. If anyone’s around for an early swim, please do come down to welcome them.

From what I can see on the web, I don’t think they’re particularly good swimmers.


For further information and an opportunity to help with crowd-funding the book and ordering a copy in advance, just click on At Swim Book.

Or, this video will give you an idea of the plan.

See you on Friday!

RNLI Courtmacsherry Swim


From Ray McArdle:

Just five days to go until the 2015 Courtmacsherry Lifeboat swim on July 25th at 12 noon.

The final details are coming along nicely and we can now only hope for some good weather on the day.

Registration is available at the following web site until midnight on Wednesday, July 22nd.  We will allow some registrations on the day for €20 with all proceeds going to the RNLI charity.

More details about the event can be found at the Facebook page for Courtmacsherry Lifeboat Swim.

Lost wetsuit: any help appreciated.

Just to be clear, this isn’t a joke:

James Slowey lost his wetsuit yesterday between Little Island and the Tunnel. Short story: was drying it on his car while at work and drove off with it on the boot!

Really needs it for the Norseman Triathlon coming up. Any helpful & constructive assistance welcomed. At least spread the word in case someone picked it up.

It’s the suit in the picture below (just in case another one gets found!).


More swimming, more smiling.

There are swims going on all day every day now, it seems.   With Marie Watson joining the other snappers, there are pics to record nearly every swim.  The two James – Slowey and Shalloo – were down the other morning and there was no camera there.  They waited 25 mins but had to just go in the end.  The swim doesn’t count if there’s no picture, so they’ll have to try again tomorrow.

Some swimmers held back on re-joining us in the sea until the temperatures rose.  Bit of a surprise for them to come back and find it’s about as warm as last October/November.  Never mind – welcome back, Alan McGuinness.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Alan McGuinness nearly back in the sea – just looking for confirmation that it’s warm….

He was smiling before the swim anyway – and Olwen Golden was beaming after hers.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Olwen Golden proving – once again – that sea swimming makes you smile.

Further proof of the guaranteed smiles – and not just for the camera – from Ray and Rosie Clancy.


So what are you waiting for?  Get smiling (just a quick swim out to the Dutchman or over to Fennell’s Bay and you’ll be smiling for the day).

As well as the various swims being organised on facebook, whatsapp etc., normal 08.15 swim on Saturday morning.  Smiles guaranteed.

Visitors and muggers – be warned.

The best of luck this afternoon to all the Lee Swim participants. Remember to wear your Myrtleville Hat under your Lee Swim hat – for luck 😊

Some of the Distance Camp swimmers arrived early to touch the Hat for luck today and in tomorrow’s six hour swim – Mike Latham and Sarah Kenyon from the UK and Sylvia Marino from San Francisco. I wonder if Sean Foley met Sylvia when he was lapping SF bay. I must ask.

FB_IMG_1436613475282FB_IMG_1436613513907Unfortunately we also seem to have had a mugging this morning. Committed wetsuiter, Brian Twomey, emerged from the water in togs after the swim. Pirates waylaid him and stole the suit at the Dutchman maybe. Brian was putting a brave face on it. Legend.



Thomond Swim

Andrea Newport was in touch to say they’d love to see any Myrtlevillians in Limerick for the Thomond Swim on Saturday, July 25 this year.  It’s unfortunately clashing with the Courtmacsherry Lifeboat swim, but if Limerick suits your plans, it’s a great event.

If you’d like information or to book just click here.  The route details are here.

The Thomond Swim covers a distance of 1800m and is a qualifier for the Liffey and Harbour Swims in Dublin. It is a handicapped start and is open to wetsuit and non wetsuit competitors. Swim Ireland membership is required.

Thomond Swim

RNLI Myrtleville-Church Bay Swim on July 4 CANCELLED

Due to the unfavourable present and forecast weather conditions, the safety committee have decided the event will have to be cancelled for July 4th.
The new date planned from the swim is Saturday, August 15th at 5.00pm.  Hopefully, the weather will be kinder.
All entries received will be transferred to the new date.  Let us know if you’re not available on August 15th.
Bernard Lynch
Damian O’Neill