Respect for local residents – keep the noise down

The Myrtleville residents have been having a rough time lately, with some very anti-social behaviour during the day and late into the night and early mornings.   Speaking to some locals today, they mentioned that some nights quiet has only just been achieved – with Garda intervention – and we’ve been arriving down to swim, keeping them awake even more!    This message was passed on gently, but we really need to take notice.

If you’re swimming at any time before 10am, please make every effort to keep the noise down.  No shouting across the road.  Please try to close car doors and boots gently etc.  A little bit of effort on our part will go a long way.  We can’t stop the less-welcome elements turning up at the beach intent on causing trouble, but let’s not cause any more for the residents ourselves by being less than thoughtful.

This applies to all of us early swimmers during the week (big finger pointed at my own head) but also don’t forget at 8.15 on Saturday morning – many people want a lie in.  Let them sleep!!

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