The size of the fight in the dog…..

It’s a true saying – it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.  Great examples spring to mind in sport, from the bould Joe Deane laying waste to massive Tipp defenders for years (never lost to Tipp in his whole career, our Deano) to this iconic Peter Stringer image – as he prepared to hold his own with men apparently twice his size…

Gwan ya good ting, Strings.

Now, to relate this to our own OWS world we have a new iconic image to treasure, as our local hero, Bernie Lynch, refuses to be intimidated by the giants of the sport around him and gets right in to the picture – as good as any of ’em, boy!

Gwan, Bernie!  Hup ya boy ya!!  Feck de begrudgers!!!  Happy birthday, Ned 🙂

Steve Redmond film – Saturday 18th @ 4pm

The Swimmer, a short film featuring Steve Redmond, will be in the Cork Film Festival on Saturday next at 4pm in the Everyman Theatre.

Steve’s film is part of the International Short Films section and the line-up of films looks like a great couple of hours of entertainment.  

Tickets can be booked here: Cork Film Festival Tickets

If you can be in town on Saturday, Steve would be delighted to see any swimmers there.Meet the stars - Steve Redmond gets to have his photo taken with Pat Higgins and Tom Bermingham. "Better than any Oceans Seven", said Steve :-)Meet the stars – Steve Redmond gets to have his photo taken with Pat Higgins and Tom Bermingham. “Better than any Oceans Seven”, said Steve 🙂

Myrtle Aid?

News has reached this site of an exciting planned bi-location event on December 9th, similar to the Live Aid Wembley and Philadelphia shows in 1985.  Myrtleville Swimmers has become so big that one venue just isn’t enough.  Instead – for one night only (because there are only 365 nights in the year to choose from) – on December 9th, they’ll be “Rockin’ All Over de Crosser/Quays”.

There was hassle getting the video link-ups right for Live Aid, but 32 years on WhatsApp will ensure the two venues for this massive event will work in sync.  It doesn’t seem to make anything else work together, but I’m sure this night will be fine. 

I’d suggest that to keep it real, the same set-list should be followed in the two spots.  I’m mad into de music meself, so here’s a few suggestions for what could be on that set-list.  Brendan O’Brien might have these in his DJ van, maybe:

  • “Double Trouble” by Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • BB King’s, “We can’t agree”
  • Cliff Richard’s classic, “We don’t talk any more”
  • “Lost that loving feeling”, from the Righteous Brothers – for the slow set
  • and, of course, Cheap Trick’s, “Ain’t that a shame” (The Live at Budokan version).

Those of us who can remember (that’d be most of us, as we’re all supposedly grown-ups now) may recall Phil Collins doing the coolest thing and travelling from Wemberly to Philly to appear at both shows. 

Our own version of Phil – the head off him, seriously – is going to replicate this achievement and bi-locate between the two venues (since he doesn’t drink, he said he’d take an ould spin into town if things got quiet and needed a celebrity jizz-up).  Here’s the bould Murph getting ready:

It’s going to be some night!  Although I won’t be there (or there) myself.  I’m heading for the hot spots of Passage with Bernie Lynch – it’s dead handy for getting home after and that’s all that matters.  I think the pub only sells  Beamish and Harp, but sure what harm.  We’ll follow the show online and maybe do a tri-location broadcast ourselves.  Bernie does a mean cover of Van Halen’s “Where have all the good times gone?”.  Keepin’ it real, man – right on.