Murphy Wins!!


What a night!  With the lead changing hands repeatedly and interventions by foreign powers in the shape of the CIA (John Kiely), the Russkis (Denis Condon) and North Koreans (Frank Hallissey – who has been spending a lot of time in the Camps), it still came down to one simple incontrovertible truth – you’ll never beat the Irish in an online poll.

Despite looking beaten several times, Kieran Murphy’s loyal Irish fan-base came through and gave him the win.  Can’t wait to see the calendar!

Siobhan says there’s places for all of them, by the way.

The only fly in the ointment now is that there’s a legal challenge to the result by Gary Frost.  He claims that in the Trump era, the person who got the least votes actually wins. He cites the recent US election as an example.  We’re leaving that one in the hands of the lawyers.

3 thoughts on “Murphy Wins!!

  1. Wow Mairead, Tom and Tom.
    What an incredible message you are an inspiration to me thank you and congratulations.
    Michael Looney.

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