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This site is to encourage swimmers to swim together for safety.  All swimmers are responsible for their own safety, but group swimming can help towards reducing the risks.  Click here for some further safety information for swimming in Myrtleville.

Myrtleville is a busy place for swimmers.  Some days – even weekdays – there are shifts of swimmers going in all day.  For newcomers, this page is an attempt to put some structure on when there are swims they can join.

We will not be publishing swim times weekly or monthly on this site.  This is the information for year-round swimming. See below for where you can see more regularly updated swim times.

1. Don’t swim alone but if you’ve got another swimmer or swimmers with you and are aware of the tides and weather, just pick your own time: enjoy and be careful.

2. Set Times:

There are two set swim times for the Summer and one for Winter.  If in doubt about when people will be swimming, these are the best bet, weather permitting:

Monday at 6.00 PM (From March to October) and Saturday at 09.00 AM (all year).

We’re a friendly bunch – come down and say hello, work out who you’ll swim with and get in!

3. Other Times:

To find out when other swims are going ahead during the week, you need to do one – or a few – of the following:

  • Join the WhatsApp group which a lot of swimmers use.  Get WhatsApp on your phone, then text your details to Aisling Barry and she’ll set you up – her number is zero eight six eight seven eight one seven two six.
  • Connect on Facebook with the Crosser Swimmers – Edging Insanity Group.  If that doesn’t work connect on FaceBook with Siobhan Russell –  Siobhan updates on swim times most days!
  • Follow @MyrtlevilleS on Twitter.
  • Email – but don’t expect instant replies.

Your best plan is to get down on Monday or Saturday and ask around for who’s swimming when.  For instance, Denis Condon and a varying crew swim almost every day at 10.00 or 10.30am.  In the Summer, there are regularly 06.30 swims and so on….

 4. If you’re new to sea swimming, read this.

5. If you’re new to Myrtleville swimming (and even if you’re not!), read this.

Once more, with feeling: DON’T SWIM ALONE.  You’ve got lots of ways to find someone to swim with listed above.  Please use them.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Swim at your own risk.

Swimming continues right through the Winter: the open water season runs from January 1st to December 31st 😉 .  The only set swim time for the Winter is 09.00 on Saturday mornings.

Swim at your own risk.  Don’t swim alone.  Always swim in groups.

9 thoughts on “Contact & Swim times

  1. Hello,
    I’m currently training for tri’s and came across yourselves, as I live in Monkstown myrtleville is ideal for me to do some open water swimming
    And was wondering about swim times,

  2. Hello

    What is the criteria to swim with one of these groups. I only swim in Pool but I want to start training for sea swimming. I would love to be welcomed along to one of these swims.

    Hope to hear from someone

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  6. Hi guys, I had a similar incident to that of your Rib owner, on Sunday evening but I was on a sailboat. My coarse was along a line between Ringabella and roaches point LH I came across a lone swimmer at a location approximately 90deg to Myrteville . Unknown to the swimmer in question I flagged 2 ribs ( returning from Ftown) away from his/her location. This type of behaviour by swimmers is extremely dangerous and needs to stop. I would suggest that a swimming zone be created in a triangle between Bunnies, the Dutchman and Myrtleville inside which boats have a max speed and swimers can Swim safely.

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