Life through no lens

Confusedious, he say: “If a swimmer swims in the sea and there is no Siobhan to take a picture, does the swimmer really swim?”.

Consternation reigned in Myrtleville this weekend.  Would-be swimmers were lined up on the slipway or huddled in groups around the beach, unsure how exactly to proceed, or if the beach was closed.

All Myrtleville regulars know how a swim session at the beach goes.

  1. You get changed
  2. You walk to the sand – holding your breath
  3. Siobhan takes your picture
  4. You exhale
  5. You enter the water.

What if there is no Siobhan?  What then?  What if Stage 3 can’t happen? How do you proceed?

For many last weekend, it was like being one of those unskilled action figures in Call of Duty or something – hopping up and down vainly in one spot, unable to progress.  Many gave up and went home.  Some swam, but did it with a heavy heart – knowing the swim just didn’t count.  No pic, no swim.

Myrtleville swimming, with the Russell lens.

Myrtleville swimming last weekend – without the Russell lens.

Rumours abounded about the Russell absence.  Many believed she was riding the crest of her recent competition success and was gone to Hollywood.  Some scurrilous gossips suggested she was on the tear and Mojitos were involved.  Perish the thought.  Whatever the reason, we must begin an immediate campaign to get her back.

“Return the Russell”, we say!!

Headed for June: get entered for June 18.

Click here and get entered on Active for the RNLI Myrtleville – Church Bay swim on June 18.  There’s free hugs for all finishers – and a right talking to from Mr. Lynch if you’re not listening at the safety briefing (Mr. Maher….)

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

H2 Open Photo competition winner!

Siobhan Russell is the winner of the June/July H2 Open magazine photo competition!  Looks like the rest of the world is realising what we’ve all known for a while in Myrtleville – Siobhan’s brilliant 🙂   Watch out for the  magazine when it’s published.

Open water swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Love Heart Swimming – Myrtleville.

Models are Caroline O’Leary and Maeve O’Connor – two more of us who know to pose when Siobhan says so!  Well done, Siobhan, Caroline and Maeve.

The long zoom of the loneswimmer

Along towards the Copper Coast home of the Loneswimmer is a wreck called the Samson in Ardmore.  Here’s a distance shot he took of it.  Mighty picture.  


Never content with a half-done job, Donal took to the water for some close-ups.  It’s amazing what you’d see with a good lens.  


Thanks for sharing, Donal.  I’d say it’s busy around there at the weekends.  

Myrtleville looking good on May 21st

A man called Jarek Sowinski was using a drone on the beach on Saturday.  I’m posting his video here for those who haven’t seen it on Facebook.


Not to be outdone, Glen Barton was in for a 6.30am swim and then quietly filming as the other groups arrived.  Great work.

RNLI swim on June 18

Enter here: RNLI Myrtleville-Church Bay 2016 Entries on Active

Entries coming in steadily for the RNLI Myrtleville – Church Bay Swim.  If you’re doing it this year, please enter early.  Great to see the spread of people already entered – ranging from first-timers aiming to finish under an hour, to others looking to retain their crowns from last year!


Enter here: RNLI Myrtleville-Church Bay 2016 Entries on Active

Enjoy the sun, calm sea – and an ice lol

After a fantastic weekend, it’s going to be nice again today and then a bit iffy for a few days.  It’s already busy on the beach, with swimmers in from 05.30 and Liam Maher getting this lovely shot.

Myrtleville, May 16 - 05.30

Myrtleville, May 16 – 05.30

Liam was in with Bernard Lynch, who’s enjoying the good weather so much he’s offering crazy prices on his ice lols down Crosshaven way.  You’d think it was 1979 or something – when lol meant one of these and not text-speak.


Enjoy the sea but swim safe – watch out for boats and jetskis and be visible.

Darkness into Light Swim – this Saturday morning, 14th.

Darkness into Light UPDATE.
Saturday 14th May (this Sat).

Checkin by 4.45am at very latest. (Bottom of steps – away from houses – ROB Bohane is your man.)
Quick safety briefing 4.55am on Beach.
TITW (toes in the water) at 5.00am.
Max 30mins swimming (min, whatever you want!).
CHECKOUT when exiting the water. (With Rob).

Donation box will be for Pieta House.


Remember your glow sticks and torch.
DON’T swim in huge groups, voices travel over water. Stick to 2’s/3’s.
Remember the sleeping people near by. 😴

Tide will be going out (low water 06:22).🌊
Civil twilight 05:00. 🌙
Sunrise is 05:41 🌞

See you there. Team DILSWIM 2016.
Carol/Angela/Donna/Rob and more!

RNLI Myrtleville-Church Bay Swim – June 18: get entered.

With the Bulman swim on Saturday opening the season, all 67 of the participants can now use that as a qualifier for the RNLI swim on June 18 🙂

The 2016 RNLI Myrtleville to Church Bay (entrance to Cork Harbour) 2km open water sea swim will take place on Saturday, June 18th at 3.00pm. 

Participants must have submitted their entry online.  We can’t accept entries on the day.

Enter here: RNLI Myrtleville-Church Bay 2016 Entries on Active