A helpful guide to Bernard and Notbernard and also Bernard, but not Bernard Bernard

In fairness, there’s always some fella has it worse than you. In my last post, I was trying to sort out any confusion around myself and Bernard (I’m not Bernard, and also not Notbernard by the way) but it never occurred to me that someone else swimming in Myrtleville – poor old Bernard: not Bernard Bernard, another different Bernard – like, an actual other Bernard but not THAT Bernard. You know? Well, he had a real problem. At least I can say “No, I’m NOT Bernard” but he has to say “Yeah, I am Bernard, but not like, Bernard Bernard, you know – Bernard, but not BERNARD. LIke?”

Here, I’ll show you. The one on the right is Bernard. And on the left.

So that’s Bernard. In the jacket and hat.

So that’s Bernard in the picture and also Bernard, but not that Bernard, not like Bernard Bernard, like. It does get confusing.

For example, apparently Noreen Fox was organising a group for a sunrise walk in Baltimore at one stage and she texted Bernard to invite him. Bernard Bernard, like. But she meant to ask Bernard, not like, Bernard. Well, actually, yes – Bernard, but not Bernard Bernard. He wasn’t even in Baltimore. Bernard was, though. Not THAT Bernard, but Bernard. I don’t know how they worked it out. Mad stuff.

Keep me out of it anyway. I’m Notbernard or NOT Bernard, like.