Who’s that girl?

Never let it be said that we at Myrtleville Swimmers Meedja Enterprises & Associated Guff Production Inc. are not always looking for ways to keep our most loyal and committed fans – both of them – entertained.

Today we’re playing “Who’s that girl?” – and doing it not only with a Eurythmics soundtrack but also a further quiz based on the soundtrack video.  Mad or wha’?  You wouldn’t get that in San……, but anyway, let’s not digress.

Right, first of all, here’s a picture taken of serious swimmers about to swim to the Dutchman at some point in the 1970’s.  This was taken in Fennell’s Bay, so the swim to the Rock was more manageable for the young athletes.  Note particularly the coolest of cool togs – WITH skirt – modelled by the girl on the right.  That same girl on the right is still to be found swimming regularly at Fennell’s, the Dutchman and, of course, Myrtleville.

The question is – who’s that girl?1974-about-fennells-bay-tricia-dwane-cousin-siobhan-staunton

While you’re thinking about it, enjoy the dulcet tones of Ms. Lennox.  Watch the video and – if you’re of a certain era – enjoy spotting how many of the ladies accompanying Mr. Stewart are actually pop stars in their own right.  

See – the most funnest swimmy-type site in the whole world.  No competition. 

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