Who’s that girl?

Never let it be said that we at Myrtleville Swimmers Meedja Enterprises & Associated Guff Production Inc. are not always looking for ways to keep our most loyal and committed fans – both of them – entertained.

Today we’re playing “Who’s that girl?” – and doing it not only with a Eurythmics soundtrack but also a further quiz based on the soundtrack video.  Mad or wha’?  You wouldn’t get that in San……, but anyway, let’s not digress.

Right, first of all, here’s a picture taken of serious swimmers about to swim to the Dutchman at some point in the 1970’s.  This was taken in Fennell’s Bay, so the swim to the Rock was more manageable for the young athletes.  Note particularly the coolest of cool togs – WITH skirt – modelled by the girl on the right.  That same girl on the right is still to be found swimming regularly at Fennell’s, the Dutchman and, of course, Myrtleville.

The question is – who’s that girl?1974-about-fennells-bay-tricia-dwane-cousin-siobhan-staunton

While you’re thinking about it, enjoy the dulcet tones of Ms. Lennox.  Watch the video and – if you’re of a certain era – enjoy spotting how many of the ladies accompanying Mr. Stewart are actually pop stars in their own right.  

See – the most funnest swimmy-type site in the whole world.  No competition. 

Shower Sweet Shower

The Shower Sweet Shower activist grouping have claimed victory over the HarCon Shower empire with the installation of new, free showers at Myrtleville Beach.   “No longer will decent, ordinary beach users suffer under the yoke of high-priced shower costs from the HarCon gang”, an SSS spokesman contributed.

Seen testing the new facilities today were a regular local beach user, who ensured the showers worked for togs aficionados.dsc00201

He was followed by a group who tested whether wetsuit users could benefit from the showers.showerAn earlier group checked what would happen if they stood under the showers and did nothing.  Nothing, they learned.photo-from-antoinette

Strangely, when contacted, a spokesperson for HarCon Showers seemed unconcerned about this supposed threat to their revenue streams.  “Robust, vandal-proof and suitable for heavy outdoor usage?  Have ya seen dem?  Come off de stage, boy.  I give ’em a week and we’ll be back in de mobile sales Yaris flogging showers like always.”

Worrying words of wisdom, one fears.

Making waves

While committed open water swimmers will tolerate the pool, they miss the waves from the open sea.  There were suggestions from the mystery correspondent who sent in this picture (thanks, Glen), that the actions of one M. Watson amounted to disruptive delinquency.  

However, we feel sure that our Marie wouldn’t be into that crack.  She was just trying to make herself feel at home, by creating some wave-like conditions in the pool. Maith an cailín, Marie.


2016 in pictures

Siobhan Russell is at the heart of everything happening in Myrtleville.  Her pictures give us all great reminders of the fun to be had swimming at the beach and we are so lucky that she is involved.

She’s put together her 2016 pictures into about 38 mins of fantastic memories.  Grab a coffee and take the time out to enjoy it.

Thanks again, Siobhan.  We really do appreciate you 🙂

Shower Envy

It’s always after Christmas that the new toys start appearing at the beach, leaving some of us feeling a bit left behind.  

There are, for example, many of us who thought the HarCon 1.75L Manual Shower was as good as it got.  It was, therefore, a bit of a shock on Saturday morning when Gary Frost produced his All-New, Just-Delivered-By-Santa, HarCon 2000 5L Pump Primed Shower.

Talk about an “I-Want-One-Of-Those” moment.

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Gary with his 5L Pump Primed HarCon model. Certainly left those of us on the old 1.75L Manual feeling a bit underwhelmed.

I did my best to hide the feelings of inadequacy and waffled about wanting to “keep it real” and “going back to vinyl”, “retro” etc.  It was all just a front, though.  

Fortunately for me, both Messrs. Harris and Condon were at the beach on Saturday.  I was able to stop in to the HarCon Mobile Yaris Sales Pod and get advice on how best to respond.  Amazingly, it involved me parting with loadsa cash.  The end justifies the means, though (as the salesmen kept telling me).

Let’s just say, I’m looking forward to next Saturday morning, post-swim…

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Me with my all-new HarCon 2017 Power Shower Deluxe. Bring it on, Gary!!

Anyone have a loan of a generator, by the way?