Sr. Assumpta pays a visit.

Unfortunately we got late notice that actress, Rose Henderson, was coming down for a swim, so she didn’t get to meet any of our famous swimmers.  She says she’ll come back again with her autograph book.  Rose has lots of roles to her credit, but for anyone who loved Father Ted it’s hard to forget Sr. Assumpta – even though Dougal did, nearly.


She got a couple of pics anyway.  Before and after her swim.  The cold water does wreck with makeup and hair colouring.  Didn’t Siobhan Russell have the same colour hair one time?

Rose Henderson on Myrtleville Beach

Definitely going Retro.

We’re looking at getting a sheltered changing area and B. Lynch discovered that there was once a ladies-only changing area on the beach.  Men had to go around to Poll Gorm to change there.  A bit more searching on olden times led him to start thinking that a fixed structure might not be the way to go after all.  Options now being considered are individual shelters – but they still don’t cover your head in the standard model.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

The Skreenette – very popular in 1929.

The main interest, though, centres on the much sturdier Bathing Machine.  The only thing it’s missing is a shower.  However, as luck would have it, apparently the Condon Shower Company are very interested in a joint venture with e-brinks, once they can advertise on the removable signs.  That should corner the market, I’d say.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

The Bathing Machine – All Mod Cons and then some.

You just wheel it into the water and emerge dry and ready to swim.  Once you get back from the Dutchman, in you go and you will be just toasty.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Model demonstrates how it works – Germany 1893.

Of course, the basic model is never going to do for some people.  We’ll have escalation and keeping up with the Lowrys going on in no time.  Some fellas will have to have the horse-drawn model.  No lugging it down the beach for them.


Before long, it’ll be hard to get into the water past them..

Maybe we should just stick to the concrete one after all.

Swim times & Springtime.

A couple of people have been asking about this so, for February and into March, the Saturday 08.15 swim stays as the only one “cast in stone”.  Of course there are lots of other swims during the week, so check Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp for these.  Or just make your own plans with a group!

The hour changes on Sunday, March 29.  So from 6.00pm on Monday, March 30……MYRTLEVILLE MONDAYS ARE BACK. This year, we’re going retro 🙂

Just another normal Myrtleville Monday swim.

Just another normal Myrtleville Monday swim.

For sneaky pre-season early morning swims, the week of March 23-27 has sunrise at 6.30am or before.  As in previous years, a few “earlies” will get slid in there, I’m sure.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Denis Condon first into the water – Myrtleville sunrise on March 26, 2014

Then, with the hour change, we have to wait until the week commencing April 20th to see dawns at 6.30am or before.  From then on, it’s non-stop until October 25th!!

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Usual rush to be first in the water.

So Monday at 6.00 and Saturday at 08.15 will stay and we’ll start to add the 06.15 swims from April onwards.  Yippee!!

Hearing protection for OW swimming.



If you’re interested in using ear plugs – or personalised moulds – to protect your ears either from bacteria or cold, or both, Earpeace in Galway are offering to come to Crosshaven on the night of Eilis Burn’s talk (March 19th) if we have ten or twelve people who are interested in getting their Catamaran ear mould product.

One of their audiologists would be available on the night to conduct an Otoscopy and take ear canal impressions for those who have ordered.  (Note: You don’t have to be attending Eilis’ talk to come to get the fitting done).  Earpeace are actively promoting protection of hearing through various products for OW swimmers.

The Catamaran personalised ear mould gets rave reviews from users. For background, this article may be of interest to you Swimmers Ear post by Earpeace.

How much does it cost?

The cost per set of the full fitting, case, lead and delivery on their site is €111 and they’re offering it at €99 per person, if we have the group order.

If anyone is interested in ordering, please let me know.  If I don’t have enough numbers by March 5th, I’ll tell them not to come!  I’ve just spent €55 on a doctor and €25 on pills for an ear infection I got in the pool – so I’m in for ear moulds!

Email Damian O’Neill through if you want to purchase and get a fitting.

Ruling on SISC voting sufficiency.

Vote buying sub-committee meeting in progress.  Member's identities concealed for national security reasons.

Vote buying sub-committee meeting in progress. Identities concealed for national security reasons.

At a recent meeting of the vote-buying sub-committee of The Award Winning Myrtleville Swimmers ™ ® © Not A Club, the matter of the proposal made to Sandycove Island Swim Club members, prior to the winning of the Award leading to the name change to The Award Winning Myrtleville Swimmers ™ ® © Not A Club, was considered.

Many views were expressed by committee members, ranging from – “Feck ’em, we have it now.” (Fair point, Kieran), to – “Ah sure, say thanks anyway, there’s hardly anyone left down there at this stage.” (Good man, Bernard, always thinking of others).

Taking all submissions into account, the committee ruled as follows on our obligation to honour the offer made to buy votes for the ILDSA Award:


“Notwithstanding the appreciation expressed by our members for the votes received from SISC members in the recent successful “Great Leap Forward to the Award” campaign, this committee was unable to determine to its satisfaction the sufficiency of these specific SISC votes being of sufficient, satisfactory sufficiency to have successfully assisted in determining the aforementioned successful outcome.

Furthermore, it is noted that senior members of the SISC committee sought to abrogate the strict terms of our offer, to wit:

  1. Mr. Ned Denison sought to re-use old images of himself letting it all hang out, rather than participate in a new photo-shoot of him skinny-dipping around the Island with Mr. Molnar. Member Russell was very let down by this.
  2. Ms. Angela Harris sought to not have Member Lowry wear his pink wet suit while following her around sprinkling fairy dust at the Sandycove Challenge.  This amendment to the terms was felt to be particularly cruel, as Member Lowry rarely gets a chance to get the pink suit out and he was really looking forward to it.  He also objected to being called “creepy” for wearing it.

Taking these points into account, the Committee ruled the offer was rescinded and The Award Winning Myrtleville Swimmers ™ ® © Not A Club was not obliged to honour it.”

The issue of whether this might now mean we couldn’t trick SISC members into voting for us in future was considered.  However, as generations of political parties have been ignoring pre-vote promises and relying on the electorate to forget, it was decided that we’d just offer even better promises next time to bribe the voters.  In fact, when all was said and done, the whole offer – like most pre-vote promises – was just…. well really, it was a load of…

A big load of Bolix.

A big load of BOLIX.

T-Shirt competition

Along the lines of the competition for the Hat, we initiated a search for the best design for a new t-shirt for Myrtleville Swimmers.  However, the first received entry was so good and so clearly captured our humility and quiet shyness that we have suspended the competition and put in a first order for 15,000 shirts.

Now, that should make us lots of new friends.  Keeping the feet on the ground, that’s us.  We’ll have to get Brad back to sign the shirts now.  He only just finished the hats.