Buoys are great – but not cheap!

Good news today that following an application submitted by myself and Bernard Lynch to Cork County Council, Myrtleville Swimmers have been approved for a grant of €3,900 towards the cost of maintaining and replacing the buoys, chains, ropes etc. This is very much appreciated and thank you to everyone who assisted in the Council.

The full amount we’ve been quoted for this year for the buoy maintenance and replacements is €6,150. We have €1,250 from the support given to us by the Centra Crosshaven Challenge Triathlon. We need another €1,000 – as well as the €1,000 to cover the defibrillator.

In April, we’ll hold a swim and shake out the buckets to look for contributions towards the shortfall of €2,000. There are hundreds of us benefitting from the buoys and having the defibrillator is very reassuring. Be generous 🙂

New defibrillator installed

A new defib is now in place, for which we will be holding a fundraising swim over the next few weeks. €1,000 needed – be generous. Details here when they’re known. Thanks to everyone who helped to get this organised.

The setup is complete with heated case, which has been provided free and which is very much appreciated. Thanks to Ger O’Dea, Community Engagement Officer from the National Ambulance Service.

TO OPEN THE CASE, PRESS C AND TURN THE HANDLE. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS! We’ll get a sticker with that information put on the case soon.

In the next month or so, Victor Shine will be holding a training evening in the Coast Guard station in Crosshaven for swimmers and local residents on hypothermia and using the defibrillator.

This is your defibrillator. Please keep an eye on it and between us we can ensure it’s there if we ever need it – which we all hope we don’t.

Swimming in Cold Water


As we head towards the lower sea temperatures, some swimmers are making a decision on whether to take some time out of the sea or continue with a wetsuit, or in togs.  This is an individual decision and should be made on safety grounds alone.  Don’t just follow a group – your safety is your responsibility.

We’re fortunate that much detailed thought has been given to cold water swimming and hypothermia by Donal Buckley on http://www.loneswimmer.com.  In making a decision on whether to swim through the Winter, everyone should read at least some of his many articles on his chosen specialised subject.  His recommended shortlist of articles to begin with are as follows:

WHY would anyone swim in cold water? 

The Ten Commandments of Cold Water Swimming.

“What temperature of water is too cold to swim in?”

How To – Understanding Mild Hypothermia in swimmers

Cold water and cold immersion shock, the first three minutes.

Ice Mile Dilemmas VIII – The Dangers.

If you want to know more, there are about fifty articles which he has helpfully put in this Index.

Swim Safe.  Swim Responsibly.  Educate yourself.  Remember – Cold Always Wins.

Sea Swimming is bad for you. Honest. Stay away.

Conclusive proof in The Times today of something I’ve been saying for ages. People need to stop coming to Myrtleville to swim. It’s cold and it’s bad for you. No doubt about it. Proven in a headline (don’t read the article, just trust me – and the headline).

Do yourself a favour. Go to the pool. No need to be parking in the limited spaces at the top of the slip. No need at all. Bad for you. Cold, too.