Monday nights are back for 2017

The world-famous 6 pm Myrtleville Monday swims are recommencing on Monday, March 27th, once the clocks have sprung forward.

If you’re going to join the fun for the first time, be sure to read these various pieces of advice from experienced open water swimmers:

If you’re an experienced open water swimmer – read them anyway.  No harm reminding ourselves that it’s ALL ABOUT SWIMMING SAFELY.

Let’s get the Summer started 🙂

Community Service

They say crime never pays and even the most experienced master-criminals run the risk of getting caught and doing time.  

Our own local crime-boss, Denis Cregan-Condon, was done for one of his scams recently.   To avoid a spell inside, he plea-bargained the sentence down to community service – he hoodwinked the judge into believing he would be maintaining the showers in Myrtleville.

The wily old fox pulls up in the Mobile Sales Yaris every morning, goes for a swim, deploys the brush for five minutes and fecks off (after the cakes are finished).

No wonder he’s smiling 🙂

Hot Hat

Much as it likes the cold, The Hat took a quick trip to the sun to support Eoin Lowry in the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Triathlon today. Nice one, Eoin.

By the way Eoin, your quick application to have today’s swim approved as your qualifier for the Myrtleville – Church Bay swim on June 10 was rejected by the applications committee. Too hot, boy, too hot.

Entries open for RNLI Myrtleville-Church Bay 2017

Actually they’ve been open for a couple of weeks, but we didn’t get around to saying so 🙂

The 2017 RNLI Myrtleville to Church Bay (entrance to Cork Harbour) 2km open water sea swim will take place on Saturday, June 10th at 5.00pm. 

Participants must have submitted their entry online.  We can’t accept entries on the day.

Enter here: RNLI Myrtleville-Church Bay 2017 Entries on Active


Don’t mess with De Wimmin

Based on representations received from many, many (many) correspondents, we can now confirm that there won’t be any new sign going up in Myrtleville any time soon.

Furthermore, the suspected sponsor of said cancelled sign was shown his place this morning.  Sentiments such as, “You want cakes, we’ll feckin’ show you how to get cakes…”, may have been expressed.


Denis – the option was “make choux or get the sole of a shoe”.

He’ll be back.  Doubtcha, Denis.