Myrtleville is fast becoming one of the most popular swim locations for open water sea swimmers, triathletes and casual swimmers in Ireland.  It’s easy to see why, with a fantastic array of swims for all levels which can be completed safely in a beautiful location.  Safely, is the key word.  On this point, here are a few important observations and some feedback from very experienced seamen like Cpt Tom McCarthy, who regularly swims in Myrtleville:

On a swim to the Dutchman Rocks and back, it is much safer to swim in a direct line from the beach to the rock (parallel to shore) or towards Fennell’s Bay and on to the rock (weather permitting), than swimming out to sea and then heading back in to the rock.

Two main reasons.

1.            Out past the line of the Rock, pleasure craft and smaller commercial vessels regularly use this space and you probably will not be visible to them.  They will not expect to encounter swimmers that far out and may not be watching.   There is no good reason for swimmers to be 300mts to 500mts offshore in Myrtleville.

2.            The likelihood of not being able to deal with the unexpected – i.e. currents which can be strong, cramp, cold –  is much more likely at these distances offshore.

Last week the skipper of a small local trawler had a near miss with two swimmers approx 350 mts offshore in Myrtleville.  He did not see them until very late and was lucky to do so. He got an unpleasant fright, but it could have been a very serious accident.

Tom McCarthy observes:  “I would say that getting hit by a boat is the greatest danger that an open water swimmer can face. We have heard many stories in recent days of near misses. One of the primary rules of the sea is to maintain a proper lookout by both sight and sound. Alas, all too often a proper lookout is not maintained.  Added to this is the poor “target” that a swimmer gives to others, with only part of the head and arms showing. This then can also be hidden by even a small wave. High visibility swim cap and especially towing an inflatable buoy give a far better chance of being sighted. Worn properly, these will not interfere with your swimming in any way. It is also a duty of the swimmer to be aware of the other activity going on around and wearing ear plugs will diminish your ability to hear an oncoming boat. Keep a good lookout yourself.”

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Swimmers & Boats at Myrtleville – stay closer to shore for safety.

With suitable weather conditions, Myrtleville provides great swimming options, ranging from a paddle to 8km swims.  Just remember that you are sharing the open water with a variety of boats and they may not be watching for you – especially if you are too far offshore and outside the line between the Dutchman and Bunny Connellan.

Know your limits –  stay safe, swim safe.

Bernard Lynch

Cpt. Tom McCarthy

Damian O’Neill

More sun, sea & rainbows

I thought that a few more of Siobhan Russells’ pictures deserved a posting rather than just a link to them in Picasa, so here we go.

Open water swimming in Cork, Ireland

Myrtleville under a double rainbow

The Crosshaven girls continue to put in the OW swims – although their lack of entries for the Myrtleville to Church Bay swim is duly noted…

Open Water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Fiona Gough, Rosaleen McKeown, Caroline Fagen, Michelle Glossop-Smyth, Ruth McSweeney, Siobhan Russell

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Myrtleville to Roches Point with rain coming….

Daithi Reilly is getting to be a regular, coming over from Cobh Tri club to prepare for the Church Bay swim..

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Daithi Reilly getting ready to go.

Not sure what the camera person was doing to get these smiles…

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Rainbows make you smile: Tim & Michelle Smyth, Sam Russell & Tamara ni hIci

View all the pictures from Siobhan Russell here or visit her Facebook page.  See you all in Myrtleville soon – swim safely, swim in groups and watch for other water users.

Sunshine, Rain & Rainbows

Thanks again to Siobhan Russell for all pictures from Sunday and Monday swims this week.

Carol “The Soothsayer” Cashell had predicted a rise in temperatures in this week and with a range of 11.6°c to 12.3°c, she was proven correct.  Definitely should be hired by Met Eireann.  Of course, we got a proper Irish mix of “sunshine and showers”, hence the range..

Open water swimming in Cork, Ireland

Myrtleville – Rainbow Warrior

Kayleigh Collins was down with mum, Carmel, to ditch the wetsuit and get ready for her Garnish 1km swim and then on to the Lee Swim.

Open water swimming in Cork, Ireland

Kayleigh & Carmel Collins

There may have been the odd white lie to encourage her….

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Come on Kayleigh – it’s not cold!

I think this picture is amazing..

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Myrtleville cloudburst

Carol was modelling her MIMS 2013 suit for her New York swim on June 8:

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Eleanor Courtney, Bernard Lynch, Ronan McCarthy & Carol Cashell

Well over thirty swimmers in stages over the evening.  Great to see so many people back in the sea and the temperatures on the rise, even in the rain.

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Myrtleville Monday May 27

June swim times

Planned swim times for Myrtleville Beach. These are the times most likely that a group will assemble.  However as with everything, it’s not guaranteed.  Email if you’re interested any day.  Or tweet @Berlyn1966.  Times starting Monday, May 27.

Swim at your own risk. Don’t swim alone. Always swim in groups.  These times can vary earlier or later, so definitely check in advance if you’re coming on your own.

  • Monday: 18:00
  • Tuesday: 16:00
  • Wednesday: 06:30
  • Friday: 16:00
  • Saturday: 08:15

Summer’s here: make a plan

From Ned Denison:
The cold Spring is OVER. Many are off to their first 2013 triathlon NEXT weekend and needed a dip first, so they’re in the sea this weekend.
Time to get a 2013 PLAN….how about setting your goal for one of these?  Wetsuit swimmers VERY WELCOME at all.
Swim Ireland membership is required ONLY for the Fermoy swim…two of the events are free and one of these is swim optional (so no excuses):
2013 Race Distance Location Fee (€) Web
Sat 8-Jun Garnish Island 1, 3 & 5km Glengariff 23
Sun 9-Jun Sandycove  “M” Club Swim 1.7km Sandycove Island 0
Fri 14-Jun Martin Duggan  Memorial 2km Fermoy 15 – 25
Sun 16-Jun Myrtleville to Church  Bay 2km Myrtleville 15
Fri 21-Jun Paraic Casey –  Celebratory Sandycove Island 0
Sat 6-Jul Vibes & Scribes’  Lee Swim 2km Cork City 25 – 35
Garnish – one of the nicest places in West Cork.  You can chose your distance – so no excuse to miss it.
Sandycove M – come swim with the swimmers who have completed 1,000+ laps in their lifetime!   Get into it…as later in the summer the D Club for 500+ will be run and the M club for 100+ lifetime laps.   Special caps available.  Are you going to be in one of these clubs?  Getting close?
Fermoy – 1 km up the river and enjoy the current on the way back.  A festive atmosphere and well attended by all ages from 12 to 75!
Myrtleville – a straight swim along the coast and if you want to race you’ll find somebody just a % or so slower to beat!   Great view of the lighthouse.
Paraic Casey Celebratory (on summer solstice) – this is the annual event following the tragic loss of Paraic in the Channel last summer.  Come with food, a smile and ready to chat into the late evening.  Swimming?  Well, certainly not after a few burgers!
‘Vibes & Scribes’ Lee Swim 2013 – the classic through the city and under so many bridges.  A great day out and the party continues in town until the early hours.
Dream:   pick one or more of the events
Prepare:   get in the open water soon and get ready
Succeed:  complete the swim, maybe set a new personal best and beat your brother-in-law!
Ned Denison
Cork Ireland – Open Water Swimmer  (Phone:  +353 87 987 1573)

Monday night in Myrtleville

Siobhan Russell got some great pictures last night.  There was a good crowd swimming – even as the sea refused to co-operate and stuck at 9.5c.

Open Water Sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Michelle Glossop-Smyth & Ultan Kelleher

As usual, our safety boat was in place.  It’s big, but we spare no expense in Myrtleville. It was positioned to catch James Slowey on his normal line past Roches Point, but nobody told them he was still in Lanzarote after his fantastic 11hrs 22 min Ironman last Saturday.

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Safety Boat at Myrtleville

As a back-up, we had the Navy available also.

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Naval support for Myrtleville swimmers

Some of the speed merchants were in the open water last night – probably discussing how to avoid clashing outfits next week..

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

John Russell & Sham Riordan working out who was fastest and advertising Blue Seventy.

Carol Cashell was in for her second Myrtleville swim of the day – 6.30am and 6.00pm – well prepared for the Manhattan Island Marathon in June and her Crosoige Mara Channel Relay in July.

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Carol Cashell, Rebeca Power & Maeve Mulcahy

View all of the pictures here.  Forecast is a bit better this week so hopefully we’ll see the temps continue to rise to encourage everyone back into the open water – where we should be!

He’s back, baby!

This post was going to be titled, “Have you seen this man?”, referring to inter-county man of mystery, Alan Craughwell.

Last seen chasing a turkey in Myrtleville in December, he disappeared from the sea since then. Some said he had emigrated, or moved back to the town named after him in Galway. Others suspected hibernation – he’d be out when he got hungry, or found flashier togs.

Whatever the reason, today was the day. Coaxed from his den by Riana Parsons, his only comment was, “Yep, it’s cold outside”.

Welcome back, big man.

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Riana Parsons & Alan Craughwell – he’s back!

“Where else would you be…..”

To quote B. Lynch, when he passed us swimming back from his early start this morning.  Flat calm and sun rising.  Lots of new faces and old ones returning this week.  A big crowd on Monday night and more returnees yesterday afternoon.  We can’t keep waiting for the Summer – we’ll just have to convince ourselves it’s here.

Yet another picture of Myrtleville – I believe this is known as “lazy posting”, but I don’t mind.  It’s fair to say, if you don’t like pictures of Myrtleville – this isn’t the site for you 🙂

A reminder again to get entries in for the Church Bay swim.  We had a big increase this week and want to keep this going.  A couple of guys came down on Monday night, swam 1,500m to the Dutchman and back, went home and entered.  I like their style!

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Myrtleville sunrise – 15 May, 2013

Reminder: RNLI Myrtleville to Church Bay Swim – Entries open

The RNLI Myrtleville to Church Bay 2km open water sea swim takes place on Sunday 16th June at 10:00am on an incoming tide.

Entries can be made here. Entry fee is €15, payable on the day and donated to Crosshaven RNLI, but you must have submitted your entry online.

All participants must be able to verify a minimum of one 1,500m open water swim in 2013. We strongly recommend you have done a longer distance – or several 1,500m swims. This is a fantastic, but challenging swim and not to be attempted without proper preparation.  If you want to practice, come to Myrtleville any Monday night at 6pm. Check the swim times on this site each month or join our google group for updates.

Better than the pool….

With 90 km/h gusts, this morning wasn’t looking too positive for the open water.  Amazingly, because the wind was more Westerly than South West at Myrtleville, we had a 200m stretch of calm sea, perfect for swimming.  Just a hundred metres further out, the waves were howling past, but the cliff beneath Bunny’s had us sheltered. So, we did laps of a long outdoor pool – with no chlorine.

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Calm in the storm – Myrtleville at 06.30 – May 9, 2013

Sure, where else would you be at that hour of the day?