Good Food Gary

There are none as zealous as the converted.   Once they have steered themselves from the darkness into the light and on to the path of the righteous, they’re only too happy to tell you how you should do the same.  Take, for example, the recent conversion of Gary “The Cakeman” Frost to the nutritional guidance counsellor, “Good Food Gary”.  Just as a reminder, this is Gary….

Open water swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Gary with what would have been a pretty standard post-swim snack for him in the pre-conversion (and pre-beard) days.

Gone are the days when Gary was first in line to share in the cáca goodies.  Now, he’s preaching a mantra of “soups and stews” after Turkey swims, rather than “cakes and sweets” like we usually have.  Here’s another pre-conversion small snack for Gary – good work on the portion control there.


After a hard session in the sea on a Saturday morning (or five minutes of paddling, depending on your preference), a full-Irish in Hassett’s is a popular Myrtleville treat.  Gary himself was a regular supporter until he saw the light.  Now it’s granola and natural yoghurt for GFG (note the Lowry fry in the background – still sinners to be converted, Gary).

Thumbs up for the cardboard - not taste so it must be good for him.

Thumbs up for the cardboard – no taste, so it must be good for him.

Gary, you have to take advice from older, wiser heads.  Not me – take it from Denis – the man who knows about these things – the Mnás prefer a beefier man.  He said so, so it must be true. Tuck in, Gary.  Come back to the dark side. 

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Denis – beefy mná magnet.  Granola-free zone.

Bernard Lynch – FOWS – a petition.

There’s lots of new swimmers around Myrtleville and it’s a shame really that most of them won’t have met Bernard Lynch, FOWS, or know what he looks like.  He’s a great guy and before he became a full-time POOL swimmer, he used to be around the beach a lot. Here’s a pic of him when he was kidnapped and forced to display inferior hats down West.Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.Unfortunately for us down Myrtleville way – some time last Summer, Bernard fell under the spell of famous coach, Eilis Burns.  Eilis believes that all swimming should involve chlorine and that open water swimming is to be undertaken every 40 years or so.  Now, to be fair, Eilis has street-cred on this point, having not gone into the sea herself since Cork to Cobh in 1973 and then leading the field home in Spain in a very tough 22km earlier this month.

Eilis told Bernard it was POOL all the way if he wanted to achieve long swim success like her and he has had to abandon his regular saline therapy.  Here’s another good pic of him as we remember him…..that’s him at the bottom, there.Open water swimming in Cork, IrelandIt would be great to get him back to the beach, so maybe we could organise a petition to Eilis.  If you’d like Bernard Lynch (Former Open Water Swimmer) to be allowed back to the sea, send your emails to or call in to Source at any time of the day or night when he’ll be there – going up and down, up and down, up and down……Cruel, is what it is – cruel.  One last picture of him….so you’ll know him if you see him.Bernard

Hopefully Eilis will relent and Bernard can be a Future rather than Former OWS again. Free Bernie!!

Vampire Swim Details

Vampire Swim hat

The hats have arrived and 46 of the 50 available are now allocated.   If you’ve donated blood, be sure to let Aisling Barry know –  Also, if you want to register for one of the last four hats!   We will have other goodies on the day. €10 if you have donated blood – €15 otherwise. All money raised goes to CUH Children’s Ward.

The “swim” is at 12.00 on Saturday next, October 31st.  Fingers crossed for the weather.  It’s only a short dip anyway – or whatever you want to do.  Come in a Halloween costume if you want – lots of people will be.  It’s not compulsory, but welcomed!  There’s facepainting and food planned.  

Come on down…’ll be….fun……Mwahahahaahhaha 😦


Annual Night Swim: Year Two

45 swimmers took to the water last night in a 13.7c sea for what is now an annual event – because it’s so much fun 🙂  Those who missed it (moi, par example) will just have to suck it up and look forward to next year.  I think it’s worth noting that 45 swimmers would be peak time numbers  for a Summer’s day in lots of swim locations.  We get that many for a night swim in October.  Myrtleville really is – to paraphrase Enda – The Best Small Beach In The World To Go Swimming.

Strange things happen in the dark, of course.  People begin to commune with nature or seek to communicate with other worlds.  I think the phrase Ruth is looking for below is “Nanu, Nanu”.


As always, nothing works without volunteers.  Carol and Yvette were in charge of the guest list and – as you’d expect at such a high-profile social event – there were people turning up arguing they should be on it etc. etc.  Ah, Breda….


Overall though, it was just smiles all the way.  Well done to everyone.




There will be blood…

DSC_2364Well done to everyone who has donated blood so far, including the group above at the clinic in St. Finbarr’s Hospital yesterday.    You can arrange your own donation time: check the website .

The Vampire Swim will take place 31st October midday.  Those that have registered with Aisling Barry – – will get a Vampire Swim hat (50 available).

There’s really nothing to be afraid of – quite clearly, Marie Watson thought it was just the best crack ever. Go on – give blood!


To the Dutchman and Baltimore

Antoinette Wilson is a regular volunteer to help at the Crosshaven Tri, Church Bay swim and other events.  Taking some time for herself she completed her first ever swim to the Dutchman on Wednesday.  Well done, Antoinette!

It could be that Antoinette felt the need to clear her head after the weekend away with the Myrtlevillians in Baltimore.  Details are filtering back and I’m sure we’ll have enough information for a full detailed post with pictures soon.  More on that later.

Also completing her first swim to the Dutchman this week was Noreen Fox – pictured at Lough Ine at the weekend.  Excellent work, Noreen.


Speaking of the weekend (before the “FUN” began) it was nice to see pictures of so many Myrtleville hats and t-shirts around the Sherkin-Baltimore swim (Antoinette volunteering, again) and even some of them coming out of the water first in their categories.  Charley Breen continued her great Summer of OW racing with a first in the wetsuit category.


Mr. Fastman, Anthony Sloman, came in first in the togs section.  What’s great about this picture is that you don’t actually have to see the togs (or strip of cloth from 1992) he wore.


Well done to everyone who took part, as swimmer or volunteer.

So – back to the details on the night out in Baltimore.  If you haven’t put your side of the story yet and don’t want someone else’s version of why you did what you did to appear on the site, be sure to contact us on 1800-DENISMADEMEDOIT or email  Don’t ignore those flashbacks.  Yes, you did do it and there were cameras, so you might as well tell us about it 🙂

Blood donation for vampire swim: Thursday

The official visit to the Blood Bank in St. Finbarr’s hospital is now taking place tomorrow, Thursday, October 15th at 4.00pm.

If you can make it, remember to bring your Myrtleville T-Shirt and/or Hat!  There’s bound to be a camera!

Please do try to get there and donate.

For any questions, Aisling Barry –

Obviously, if you can’t get there tomorrow and want to donate another time before the swim, just contact the Blood Bank.

Vampire Swim – get entered.

The Vampire Swim is going ahead in Myrtleville on October 31st at 12 midday.  Swim is a loose term – you can just dip your feet for a paddle if you want.  The goal is to encourage people to donate blood during this month.   If you donate blood, the entry fee is €10 – if not, you can still swim, but it’s €15.

Vampire Swim

Funds raised will be donated to the CUH Children’s Ward charity.

A group is being organised to donate blood on October 16th at the Blood Bank in St. Finbarr’s Hospital.  Contact Aisling Barry for details –  For info on giving blood, see

So, get ready to donate and register your entry with Aisling Barry.  There are very cool vampire swim hats for the first 50 registered entries.