What about De Buoys?

Just to make everyone aware…..most of you will have seen our buoys have taken a battering over the last two years – especially those further out. Work is under way to replace and repair the damage our storms have caused. Four broke from its mooring and was unfortunately holed by the Dutchman on its way to land at Fennell’s Bay. We’re looking into a temporary repair on that. Five is either dieting or sucking it in, but is definitely showing signs of distress – and thinning.

We are very pleased to say that Cork County Council have agreed to fund the purchase of two new buoys to replace Four and Five. We will then see if Five can be repaired and kept as a spare. The lead time on the new buoys was six to twelve weeks. We ordered two weeks ago, so hopefully June at the latest.

The rope on Three has frayed to three strands (from four). This was tied up by Marcus and Dave this morning and we are looking at a temporary fix on that until Marc Lake has his boat back in the water in April to do a full service on all buoys.

Thanks again to Cork County Council for their ongoing support. Keep swimming – safely.

Bernard & Damian

Early update on swim conditions for June 16th

It’s heartening to see such an interest in this year’s RNLI Myrtleville to Church Bay swim, with half the available places already booked. Training plans are being put in place and important questions are being asked.

Perhaps the most important and urgent question received thus far came from one potential entrant who wanted to know if we could be sure there wouldn’t be any jellyfish upsetting her karma for the swim. To be fair, this particular swimmer has considerable form in the jellyfish-avoidance arena. She once got out at the slip in Fountainstown and walked back to Myrtleville in preference to facing the – admittedly – considerable volumes of jellies she met in the earlier part of her 8km swim. If I remember correctly, she went to Dino’s on the way home. You’d be hungry after dodging jellies, like.

We have been in contact with the relevant jellyfish experts, consulted meteorologists and astrologists, read the runes and can categorically state that there is no scheduled influx of jellies of which we are aware on June 16th. Defo not. Hope that helps.

Obviously all questions posed are on condition of anonymity, so we won’t be revealing who the jelly-phobic swimmer is.

Completely unrelated – here’s a nice picture of Claire Canning. How’re ya, Claire? No jellies in the Ganges, I’d say.

The Hat with Claire Canning in the Ganges. Look at the local version of Siobhan Russell just behind her!

RNLI Myrtleville to Church Bay 2022 – entries open

Entries are now open for the RNLI Myrtleville to Church Bay Swim on June 16th, 2022 at 19.00.  Please note – if you’re new to swimming, do make sure you have sufficient training done before you consider entering for this swim 🙂

RNLI Myrtleville to Church Bay 2022 Entries