April – May swim times

Let’s just say that these times are in hope rather than expectation.  The clock goes forward, but with sea temperature down by nearly 1.5c in just ten days, it’s not Summer yet!  Currently about 6.8c in the water, with a nasty Easterly wind frothing up the sea.

Planned swim times for Myrtleville Beach. These are the times most likely that a group will assemble.  However as with everything, it’s not guaranteed!  Swim at your own risk. Don’t swim alone. Always swim in groups.  Text or email if you’re interested any day.

  • Monday, April 1: 18:00 – Monday nights are back….maybe..
  • Tuesday, April 2: 16:00
  • Thursday, April 4: 16:15
  • Friday, April 5: 16:00
  • Monday, April 8: 18:00
  • Tuesday, April 9: 16:00
  • Thursday, April 11: 16:15
  • Friday, April 12: 16:00
  • Saturday, April 13: 08:30
  • Sunday, April 14: 09:15
  • Monday, April 15: 18:00
  • Tuesday, April 16: 16:00
  • Thursday, April 18: 16:15
  • Friday, April 19: 16:00
  • Saturday, April 20: 08:30
  • Sunday, April 21: 09:15
  • Monday, April 22: 18:00
  • Tuesday, April 23: 16:00
  • Thursday, April 25: 16:15
  • Friday, April 26: 16:00
  • Saturday, April 27: 08:30
  • Sunday, April 28: 09:15
  • Monday, April 29: 18:00
  • Tuesday, April 30: 16:00
  • Thursday, May 2: 16:15
  • Friday, May 3: 16:00

Hopefully, it won’t look like it did at 4.15 today:

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Frothy sea in Easterly winds at Myrtleville – 29 March, 2013

What a difference a day makes…

Swam on March 20 with Bernard and it was so calm we could stand on the Dutchman.  Tide was slack, sun was shining – beautiful day, great swim.  You’d really think Summer was on the way.  Water was about 8c, but felt warmer in the sun.

Open water swimming in Cork, Ireland

Myrtleville shining in the sun: 20 March, 2013

That’s Myrtleville resident, Jimmy Long, on the right, by the way.  Keeping an eye on us, as always. 82 next week.

With Summer coming, March 21 was going to be another lovely swim. Bernard says this picture doesn’t do it justice – even he wouldn’t go in….

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Myrtleville seething in the storm – 21 March, 2013

Have to keep up the pool sessions for another while!

Panoramic view of Myrtleville

Smartphones are great for allowing complete amateurs have access to tools that should probably only be in the hands of professionals!  I tried to get a panoramic view of Myrtleville in the mirror-calm conditions last weekend, but Bernard Lynch’s version below came out better.  Since that was with cold hands after his swim, he might have a future as a Pro yet….

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Panoramic view of calm Myrtleville: March 17, 2013

Stormy weather

Riana Parsons very kindly passed on some fantastic pictures she took from Myrtleville (closer to Fennell’s Bay) towards Roches Point.  It wasn’t very swimmable…

Open Water Sea Swimming in Cork, Ireland

Roches Point from Myrtleville / Fennell’s Bay

Open Water sea swimming in Cork Ireland

Roches Point across waves breaking on the Dutchman rocks

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Cargo ship passing Roches Point – taken from Myrtleville

Myrtleville as a blank canvas…

I was shivering into my socks yesterday post-swim, when Riana Parsons brought her friend from Galway, Susan Thornton, down for a look at Myrtleville.  It was looking good, too….

Myrtleville - March 12, 2013

Myrtleville – March 12, 2013

Susan had already done her swim in Galway that morning and helpfully said it was much colder than our “warm” 7’ish degrees: as I shook on the spot.  It must have been colder on land in the North wind down here, I reckon……

Since they weren’t swimming, they were looking at the beach more artistically.  I don’t know who Fion is, but he’s going to get a great birthday card all the way from Cork….

Riana & Susan creating art on Myrtleville Beach

Riana & Susan creating art on Myrtleville Beach

Fion on the beach 12 March 2013

Fion on the beach 12 March 2013

Susan Thornton - Birthday beach

Susan Thornton – Birthday beach

Even when you’re not swimming, there’s lots to do in Myrtleville!

March – April swim times

Planned swim times for Myrtleville Beach. These are the times most likely that a group will assemble.  However as with everything, it’s not guaranteed!  Swim at your own risk. Don’t swim alone. Always swim in groups.  Text or email if you’re interested any day.

  • Monday, March 4: 16:15
  • Tuesday, March 5: 16:00
  • Thursday, March 7: 16:15
  • Friday, March 8: 16:00
  • Sunday, March 10: 09:30
  • Tuesday, March 12: 16:00
  • Thursday, March 14: 16:15
  • Friday, March 15: 16:00
  • Saturday, March 16: 08:30
  • Monday, March 18: 09:30
  • Tuesday, March 19: 16:00
  • Thursday, March 21: 16:15
  • Friday, March 22: 16:00
  • Saturday, March 23: 08:30
  • Sunday, March 24: 09:15
  • Tuesday, March 26: 16:00
  • Thursday, March 28: 16:15
  • Friday, March 29: 16:00
  • Saturday, March 30: 08:30
  • Sunday, March 31: 09:15
  • Monday, April 1st: 18:00 – Monday nights are back….

Optically challenged swimmers…..or what to wear so you don’t get lost.

I’ve been asked about this by other optically challenged swimmers a few times, so I thought I’d post what I’ve emailed them.  For prescription goggles, you need to get your glasses prescription from whoever is your optician.  I just asked in Specsavers and got it no problem.

I took 27 minutes to go around a 750m course on my first triathlon.  My wife videoed me going in the opposite direction to the course several times. I hadn’t learned to swim, but not having prescription goggles made it much worse. I still have problems with sighting, but that’s technique now rather than my eyesight.  I’m close to blind without glasses so I’ve spent a bit of time on getting the right prescription goggles!

I paid a horrendous price to Specsavers for my first pair.  They leaked.  I got a second cheaper pair from them (still well over €100).  They snapped.  I took to the web. The first pair I bought via Google were from www.aquagoggles.com and these are like pool ones.  Also available tinted, which the other ones I now use aren’t.  I still have the aquagoggles and I’ve used them in the sea but more commonly in the pool.  The strap is a bit finicky and the left one very occasionally leaks a little sometimes, but only if I’m not careful with fitting it.  These ones cost about €30.  They do a pretty good job.

Also, on the Aquagoggles site was the best guide to how to work out what your correct choice of prescription lens should be that I found:


The ones I now use are Aquasphere Eagles –  not available tinted, which is a pity, but they have some huge advantages.  They’re bigger, which is good for open water sighting I find, and they have interchangeable lenses, so that when they get scratched, you just buy new lenses and slot them in to the same frame.  About €11 per lens. I’ve done up to seven hours with them and they don’t leak or hurt.

You buy the ordinary ones with clear lens, then buy the lens to match your prescription – very different ones for the left and right eyes in my case.  The lens are available in half sizes for your prescription.

I originally bought the googles from a UK website, Wiggle, because I couldn’t find them in Cork, but they’re now available in Edge Sports and on their website and at prices to match the UK suppliers.

Hope this is helpful.  You need to see where you’re going when you leave the pool and head for the open water!