Shower Sweet Shower

The Shower Sweet Shower activist grouping have claimed victory over the HarCon Shower empire with the installation of new, free showers at Myrtleville Beach.   “No longer will decent, ordinary beach users suffer under the yoke of high-priced shower costs from the HarCon gang”, an SSS spokesman contributed.

Seen testing the new facilities today were a regular local beach user, who ensured the showers worked for togs aficionados.dsc00201

He was followed by a group who tested whether wetsuit users could benefit from the showers.showerAn earlier group checked what would happen if they stood under the showers and did nothing.  Nothing, they

Strangely, when contacted, a spokesperson for HarCon Showers seemed unconcerned about this supposed threat to their revenue streams.  “Robust, vandal-proof and suitable for heavy outdoor usage?  Have ya seen dem?  Come off de stage, boy.  I give ’em a week and we’ll be back in de mobile sales Yaris flogging showers like always.”

Worrying words of wisdom, one fears.

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