Don’t mess with De Wimmin

Based on representations received from many, many (many) correspondents, we can now confirm that there won’t be any new sign going up in Myrtleville any time soon.

Furthermore, the suspected sponsor of said cancelled sign was shown his place this morning.  Sentiments such as, “You want cakes, we’ll feckin’ show you how to get cakes…”, may have been expressed.


Denis – the option was “make choux or get the sole of a shoe”.

He’ll be back.  Doubtcha, Denis.

New Sign?

An unusual email has been received from a local Sign Writer, asking for confirmation of the order they’ve got, to urgently provide a new sign for the beach in Myrtleville.  They made contact here to confirm if the order is, in fact, in order.

Technically the sign is quite straightforward, with all of the text provided and even a suggested layout, based on a similar famous sign in the Sunny South East.  The sentiments of the proposed new Myrtleville sign are, however, slightly different.


The signwriter says the order came accompanied by cash in a brown envelope and initalled “D. C-C”.  The orderee also said this sign needed to be put in place quickly as, “de teachers are back too – as if dey were ever away”.  

I presume we should just tell them to fire away.  At least the spelling of “Myrtleville” is right on this sign.

Discount on SaferSwimmer floats

Libor Janek from 360swim has set up a 15% discount for us on his eShop.  

Go here: Safer Swimmer eShop

There’s a range of floats and drybags at various sizes and prices.

Just pick the product you want and at the checkout, enter MYRTLEVILLE in the Discount Code box.  Then hit the recalculate button beside the discount box to see 15% taken off.    

The tow float for example:


So, it’s now 15% cheaper to swim safe and you can order directly rather than waiting to get a bulk order together.  The discount pretty much covers the postage.  No excuses!

Altogether now……poor Ned!

Poor Ned Denison is stuck “out foreign” preparing for a horrible-sounding swim in Hong Kong – The Cold Half.  What horrors he must be putting himself through!

Oh, wait, this pic just in from Joleen Cronin… least poor Ned has The Hat to console him in his preparations.  It looks tough out there.


Good luck, Ned.  Doesn’t he look happy to have a Hat? 🙂

Secret Six photos – of their Journey

In keeping with their clear commitment to providing information on their swimmy Journey   (Rant: until they actually give any information on this Journey, the Myrtleville Swimmers editorial committee have decided to continually refer to whatever they do as being part of their Journey – i.e. we will overuse Journey – one of the most overused words in the English language – to make things up about the Journey. The Secret Six Swimmy Journey, in other words.  Close rant.) the Secret Six helpfully submitted some photos from their latest open water swim journey session, down Myrtleville way.

Here’s an inspirational one for all their followers.

Secret Six swimmy types doing secret stuff looking at the water in Myrtleville.  Nice one.

Secret Six swimmy types doing secret stuff looking at the water in Myrtleville. Nice one.

The second wonderful shot either demonstrates:

a) they’re smart out as they’ve got sponsorship from Dry Robe for their – here we go – Journey, or

b) they don’t know which way to face to get their picture taken.  Siobhan wasn’t there to call them.  

We’re divided on this question here in the press room.

Hello, Hello, we're over here....

Hello, Hello, we’re over here….

Keep tuned here – the official Secret Six Swim Journey Partner – for all essential (and thus far pretty meaningless) updates.  Think of us as a travel advisory – you know, like for a Journey….

Press release from the Secret Six swimmers!

The members of the Secret Six Swimmers have been keeping their preparations very low-profile.  So low-profile, in fact, that many of their fellow swimmers don’t know they are preparing for a big event and those who do “know” are only repeating rumours they heard – mostly spread by Denis.  Unlike the regular updates on the activities of the Myrtle Turtles in 2016, the Six have shunned the limelight, thus far. 

Thankfully, however, they have now issued a press-release so the vacuum of news has been filled.  That’s a relief, as we here at the world’s leading news site for swimmy stuff nobody else has thought up yet, were about to make up something.  Heaven forbid.

Reading the clearly well-thought-out and highly-informative release, it might strike you that the Six aren’t quite prepared to share too much information as yet.  Redactions are as per the provided release, which was dropped in one of our reporters swim bag when he was distracted by cakes down at the beach.


So, now we know.  The Six are just soooo motivating.  Just fab.  Stay tuned. 

Feckin’ Freezin’ Feb’ry

There’s no getting around it, the water is cold in February.  6.6c the Ballycotton gauge kindly hinted on Saturday morning.   That seemed about right for what it felt like walking in from the beach.  The North wind helped too, of course.

When hardened campaigners like Mike Harris touch the water and say,  “Ooooh, this might be just a token gesture swim today!”, you know it’s a bit fresh. Divine inspiration was even being looked for by some swimmers prior to diving in.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Praying the temps will rise before going into the water on Saturday.

The amazing thing is that there were still over thirty swimmers going in on the morning. The crowds now swimming in Myrtleville really are fantastic.  There can be thirty, forty, fifty swimmers at the Saturday swims in the middle of Winter and a committed group getting in during the week too.  

It’s worth saying it, because it’s not the same everywhere else and we should appreciate the fun, welcoming way that swimming in Myrtleville is developing.  Let’s keep it up, everyone 🙂


Still, as Siobhan Russell’s pictures remind us – where else would you be?  Whether at high or low tide, Myrtleville is beautiful (except maybe in an Easterly, then it’s just dramatic!)


Of course, there’s always some fella who’ll misinterpret when we say that you can swim in Myrtleville even on a low tide.  In the sea, Kieran.  In. The. Sea.