Seal attacks!!! Kindof. Sorta. Maybe, like.

Consternation in Myrtleville this morning!  Kerfuffle! Discombobulation! Mad stuff altogether.

I was plodding along out by the corner at Bunnyconnellan when I saw three swimmers approaching.  At speed.  I mean – speed.  It was the intrepid trio of Bernie, Jim and Trev.  I turned around to head back to the beach – with them about 200 metres behind me.  I was 500m out.  As you can see from the first picture below (that’s me there in the distance on the left) they passed me – at speed, like – and were a good 200m ahead of me hitting the beach. 

Now, I’m slow.  I know that.  I’m fine with it.  I’m not that slow, though.  They’re not more than twice as fast as me.  Not on a normal day.  This was NOT a normal day.  The trio – they shouted – had suffered repeated, vicious, co-ordinated and just generally feckin awful seal attacks by up to nine seals.  It started at two but they were definitely talking about nine by the end of it.  I didn’t see any myself.  Must have been going too slowly.

I think the second picture below is Trevor explaining how close they had come to near death at the hands of Sealus Attackus Beastus.  Either that or he’s saying how big the seal was – which would take a bit away from the drama of the attack, to be honest, if it was that size.  I say IT, but I mean THEM – THEM, dozens of THEM.  You can see Bernard staring out to sea anxiously in case THEY were coming on still.  Terrifying, like.  No way was it just a couple of ould seals out for a quiet swim.  No way.  Attack.  Definitely an attack.

Despite their horrific experience, the trio posed for a picture with a fan (sound, lads) and then made their way shakingly up the beach, discussing googling “Seal Attacks” and whether warning signs should be put up.  Mad stuff.  Mad.

BE CAREFUL OUT THERE! Watch out for dogfish too.  Now THEY are vicious, I can tell ya that.  Don’t start me about dogfish.

News from Eilis Burns

Hi Guys,

All good things come to an end…but every end brings new beginnings, new opportunities and exciting times!

I am pleased to announce my new beginning in The Leisureworld Group. This will be formally announced next week by Leisureworld, but I wanted you to be the first to hear.

Obviously I would love to see you in the groups, but I understand that times and venues may not suit everyone. Price is also beyond my control, and all bookings go through Leisureworld Bishopstown when they open next week. 

Adult Advanced Masters Classes are as follows:



6pm-6.45pm.   Adult Intermediate / Advanced.

7pm-7.50pm.   Adult Advanced.



6.30am-7.30am.  Adult Advanced.



6.30am-7.30am      Adult Advanced.

10am-10.45am       Adult Intermediate.

10.45am-11.30am  Adult Pre Intermediate.



6.30am- 7.30am.   Adult Advanced.

6pm-6.45pm.  * Teen Advanced Stroke Work .



8pm-8.45pm.  Adult Intermediate/ Advanced.

Thanks for all the great years in Source. As I don’t have everyone’s details I would appreciate if you would pass this on to all swimmers, but please note bookings won’t open until after Leisure World’s announcement next week. 

Yours in Sport,

Eilis Burns

Additional kids classes with Eilis will be on the LEISUREWORLD website next week.