Cork Triathlon Club – open night

From Valerie Vaughan: Cork Tri Club is meeting on February 7th in Flannery’s pub, Glasheen road at 8pm to celebrate the start of a New Year in the Triathlon season. So all existing CTC members and new members/potential members are encouraged to come to this first social meeting of 2013.

Existing members:  are encouraged to come along for this social occasion, the first of many in 2013. You will hear of some of the plans that CTC has for the year ahead in terms of training activities, training weekend and any suggestions/ questions/ feedback you have will be very welcome. Please come to meet new members and help answer their questions and share your valued triathlon experience!

New members: This is an opportunity to see what CTC is all about. You will get an opportunity to hear about club races, training and activities. If you have not yet done a triathlon, don’t worry we will explain what it involves, how to prepare and how to get started. Everyone had to do their first triathlon some time. You will be given a welcome pack with the information necessary to get started. The atmosphere at CTC is friendly, encouraging and very positive towards new members, come along and see what its about!

Any questions, please contact us through our web site

Myrtleville to Monkstown

For the first time since August, we couldn’t find even Bernard’s “calm bit” today. Myrtleville unswimmable, so we went on the road to Monkstown for two perfectly flat laps of the Marina. Cork Harbour is a big, big place and a gift for open water swimming. There’s always a calm bit somewhere 🙂

Open water swimming in Cork, Ireland

Calm and clear for a swim: Monkstown 25/1/2013

Myrtleville Ice Swimming Championships

Well, part of the beach was still icy anyway.  Beautiful day for a swim to the Dutchman.  Bernard had been delayed earning a living, so was on the beach to take some pictures as we came out.  I thought Mauricio in Gibraltar preparing for his big Straits swim would especially appreciate these……if he thought we were crazy to still be open water swimming before this.  🙂

Open Water Sea Swimming in Cork, Ireland

James Slowey: Myrtleville Ice Beach – 22 January, 2013

Open Water Sea Swimming in Cork, Ireland

Damian O’Neill: Myrtleville Ice beach: January 22, 2013

Getting colder….quickly.

We’re ending at about 32 or 33 minutes on each swim at the moment.  My first year open water swimming through the Winter, so the movement in water temperatures is a surprise to me.  Friday afternoon at 4.00 we got 8.7C and thought it was cold, but it was swimmable and not just in Bernard’s moveable “calm bit”.  A bit of fun at the end, trying to surf some waves into the beach.

Saturday morning at 8.30 it was colder at 8.3C / 8.4C with long rolling swells, but fine to swim to Fennell’s Bay.  Carmel was threatening to not renew her subscription if we couldn’t make it colder for her to practice for the Cold Water Swimming Championships next weekend.

Sunday morning, it was rough and bitterly cold in the wind before and after.  The run (sprint) down the beach to get into the sea was the worst bit.  The water was actually a relief! Bernard’s watch read 7.8C when we were getting out at 33 minutes.

So, with a couple of watches to verify it, we have almost a full degree drop in the water temp over three days.  Somebody qualified (a Registered Coldology Practitioner) please tell me it’s not going to keep going at this pace!!  February is the coldest month, the Coldologists say.   I’m really enjoying it and can’t remember what it was like not sea swimming regularly, but still hoping the sea won’t keep getting colder at this rate.

Open Water Sea Swimming in Cork, Ireland

Myrtleville looking quite nice for a swim! January 2013

New wetsuit? Straight to the sea!

Siobhan Russell had to try out her new suit and brought her camera this morning.  9.1C in the water and the suit passed with flying colours.

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Siobhan Russell, Tim Smyth, Bernard Lynch & Abby Lynch – Myrtleville 13-1-13

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Change of Shifts – Tim and Bernard coming out – Brian and Tom go in: Myrtleville 13-1-13

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Early sun at the end of the swim, Myrtleville 13-1-13

Some more pictures from Siobhan at this link.

Year-round sea swimmers

Tom Bermingham, Brian O’Connor and a regular group of hardy annuals swim in Myrtleville every day.  Coming from the old-school, Tom describes the current January temperatures as being “like a bath”….Cold water swimming?  These men don’t know the meaning of it!

Open Water Swimming, Cork, Ireland

Brian O’Connor & Tom Bermingham: Myrtleville, January 12, 2013

UCC friends of MSF Charity Swim

To mark Women’s Little Christmas, a dedicated group of students from the Friends of MSF UCC Society, braved the open water for some sea swimming.  They were raising funds for Médecins Sans Frontières, in aid of MSF’s projects in South Sudan and hoping to spread awareness about the suffering of the 170,000 people in refugee camps there. MSF is working with those who have fled the violence in Sudan, running field hospitals and providing clean drinking water and oral rehydration fluids.

If anyone would like to support MSF in their work, they can give a once-off contribution using this link : .  Money goes much further in South Sudan than it does in Ireland, so if just one person donated a euro, that would be a success.

Open Water - Sea Swimming in Cork, Ireland: Friends of MSF Charity Swim

Friends of MSF Christmas Swim

Open Water - Sea Swimming for MSF - January 6, 2013

Sea Swimming for MSF – January 6, 2013

January – February Swim Times

Planned swim times for Myrtleville Beach. These are the times most likely that a group will assemble, however as with everything, it’s not guaranteed!  Swim at your own risk. Don’t swim alone. Always swim in groups.

There are also some additional swims around 4pm on weekdays or 9.15 on Sunday mornings, but these are a bit more last-minute.  Text or email if you’re interested any day.

  • Friday, January 11: 16:00
  • Saturday, January 12: 08:30
  • Friday, January 18: 16:00
  • Saturday, January 19: 08:30
  • Friday, January 25: 16:00
  • Saturday, January 26: 08:30
  • Friday, February 1: 16:00
  • Saturday, February 2: 08:30