Change of plan on the ear moulds!

A local audiologist, Mary Duggan of Vita HEAR, has worked with the Phoenix Kayak Club and – I’ve now learned! – a few Myrtleville swimmers, to provide customised ear moulds.  Everyone has been very happy with the service and product.  Since she’s locally based and thus more flexible, we’re going to go with Mary for the moulds.  Also, importantly, the cost is €70, rather than €99 from the other vendor.

For those who have signed up, you’ll get an email shortly about the times for fitting on March 19th (we’re sticking to that date).

The moulds come from Bachmaier in Germany.  They float and the cost includes fitting, a case and a lead.

Here’s some information on Swimmers Ear:

If you haven’t signed up and want to do so, email Damian O’Neill –

2 thoughts on “Change of plan on the ear moulds!

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  2. Damien
    I have ear moulds for year and am always terrified ill loose them. Ill get another pair made for that price so will you include me.


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