Last Monday night of 2017

The last 6pm swim of the year is this evening.  Back to dark evenings and waiting for Monday, March 26th, 2018 after today.

Look at yer man Slowey only five or six years ago – where’s the beard?

Last Monday night Myrtleville swims: 22 October, 2012 : open water - sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Last Monday night Myrtleville swims: 22 October, 2012

Monday nights are back for 2017

The world-famous 6 pm Myrtleville Monday swims are recommencing on Monday, March 27th, once the clocks have sprung forward.

If you’re going to join the fun for the first time, be sure to read these various pieces of advice from experienced open water swimmers:

If you’re an experienced open water swimmer – read them anyway.  No harm reminding ourselves that it’s ALL ABOUT SWIMMING SAFELY.

Let’s get the Summer started 🙂

Saturday Swim time change – 09.00

Heading into the Winter and after five years of 08.15 swims every Saturday morning, we’re going to move the regular time to 09.00.  This will give people a little longer in bed, if they want it!

Of course some swimmers will still be going earlier for work reasons etc. but the main group swim will be at 09.00 from now on.

Myrtleville Mondays – We’re Back!

The world-famous 6 pm Myrtleville Monday swims are recommencing on Monday, March 28th, once the clocks have sprung forward.

As Monday 28th is Easter Monday, there will probably be some other swims earlier in the day, but tradition is tradition so 6 pm it is – for anyone who is around. 

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Last Monday swim, October 2015.

If you’re new to Myrtleville or returning after being out for a bit – please read this.

Never swim alone.  Always swim in groups. 

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Swimming times – all year.

Myrtleville is a busy place for swimmers.  Some days – even weekdays – there are shifts of swimmers going in all day.  For newcomers, this post is an attempt to put some structure on when there are swims they can join.

We will not be publishing swim times weekly or monthly on this site.  This is the information for year-round swimming. See below for where you can see more regularly updated swim times.

1. Don’t swim alone but if you’ve got another swimmer or swimmers with you and are aware of the tides and weather, just pick your own time: enjoy and be careful.

2. Set Times:

There are two set swim times for the Summer and one for Winter.  If in doubt about when people will be swimming, these are the best bet, weather permitting:

Monday at 6.00 PM (From March to October) and Saturday at 8.15 AM (all year).

We’re a friendly bunch – come down and say hello, work out who you’ll swim with and get in!

3. Other Times:

To find out when other swims are going ahead during the week, you need to do one – or a few – of the following:

  • Join the WhatsApp group which a lot of swimmers use.  Get WhatsApp on your phone, then text your details to Aisling Barry and she’ll set you up – her number is zero eight six eight seven eight one seven two six.
  • Connect on Facebook with the Crosser Swimmers – Edging Insanity Group.  If that doesn’t work connect on FaceBook with Siobhan Russell –  Siobhan updates on swim times most days!
  • Follow @MyrtlevilleS on Twitter.
  • Email – but don’t expect instant replies.

Your best plan is to get down on Monday or Saturday and ask around for who’s swimming when.  For instance, Denis Condon and a varying crew swim almost every day at 10.00am.  There are regularly 06.30 swims and so on….

 4. If you’re new to sea swimming, read this.

5. If you’re new to Myrtleville swimming (and even if you’re not!), read this.

Once more, with feeling: DON’T SWIM ALONE.  You’ve got lots of ways to find someone to swim with listed above.  Please use them.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Swim at your own risk.

The Dutchman

I just liked these two from Siobhan taken at this morning’s swim – makes it clear where the Hat design came from!


Swim tomorrow at 07.00 for the Bunny Swim.  For leisurely folk (Denis etc.) there’s also going to be a 10.00 swim.  Why you’d bother is beyond me – sure, the day is over at that stage.

Monday Nights are back!

A good crowd last night considering the near gale – but it was Westerly so we had lots of shelter.  A few people discovered it’s a bit harder to swim back into the gale than out with it, though 🙂

Water around 9c so it’s definitely got a bit warmer.  Bunny Swims this weekend – 07.00 on Good Friday and 08.15 on Saturday, as usual.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Some of the first Monday night group. Lots of black and some pink (but not Carmen – she’s in Violet).

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Rory Coughlan – down for his second swim in Myrtleville and Breda ‘it’s very hard swimming into that wind’ Maguire.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Gary Frost attempts a photo bomb on the Twomey family portrait but he’s just too far away.