Ruling on SISC voting sufficiency.

Vote buying sub-committee meeting in progress.  Member's identities concealed for national security reasons.

Vote buying sub-committee meeting in progress. Identities concealed for national security reasons.

At a recent meeting of the vote-buying sub-committee of The Award Winning Myrtleville Swimmers ™ ® © Not A Club, the matter of the proposal made to Sandycove Island Swim Club members, prior to the winning of the Award leading to the name change to The Award Winning Myrtleville Swimmers ™ ® © Not A Club, was considered.

Many views were expressed by committee members, ranging from – “Feck ’em, we have it now.” (Fair point, Kieran), to – “Ah sure, say thanks anyway, there’s hardly anyone left down there at this stage.” (Good man, Bernard, always thinking of others).

Taking all submissions into account, the committee ruled as follows on our obligation to honour the offer made to buy votes for the ILDSA Award:


“Notwithstanding the appreciation expressed by our members for the votes received from SISC members in the recent successful “Great Leap Forward to the Award” campaign, this committee was unable to determine to its satisfaction the sufficiency of these specific SISC votes being of sufficient, satisfactory sufficiency to have successfully assisted in determining the aforementioned successful outcome.

Furthermore, it is noted that senior members of the SISC committee sought to abrogate the strict terms of our offer, to wit:

  1. Mr. Ned Denison sought to re-use old images of himself letting it all hang out, rather than participate in a new photo-shoot of him skinny-dipping around the Island with Mr. Molnar. Member Russell was very let down by this.
  2. Ms. Angela Harris sought to not have Member Lowry wear his pink wet suit while following her around sprinkling fairy dust at the Sandycove Challenge.  This amendment to the terms was felt to be particularly cruel, as Member Lowry rarely gets a chance to get the pink suit out and he was really looking forward to it.  He also objected to being called “creepy” for wearing it.

Taking these points into account, the Committee ruled the offer was rescinded and The Award Winning Myrtleville Swimmers ™ ® © Not A Club was not obliged to honour it.”

The issue of whether this might now mean we couldn’t trick SISC members into voting for us in future was considered.  However, as generations of political parties have been ignoring pre-vote promises and relying on the electorate to forget, it was decided that we’d just offer even better promises next time to bribe the voters.  In fact, when all was said and done, the whole offer – like most pre-vote promises – was just…. well really, it was a load of…

A big load of Bolix.

A big load of BOLIX.

ILDSA Awards – D’Alternative View.

There’s always a few sub-plots going on at any event.  You just have to look carefully.

All the top athletes know that it’s important to take a break from training every now and then.  I think we can all safely assume Denis decided it was time for a break on Saturday night.  I’m not 100% sure what Anne is reacting to, but I can’t see Denis’ other hand either.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Mr. Cregan-Condon – on a break.

In fairness to him, he still has all the moves, though – once he puts on that jacket, there’s no stopping him – irresistible charm.

Denis and Anne

 Finbarr Hedderman won an award for his North Channel swim.  People were amazed when he went up to collect it.  I can see why.  Honestly, I’ve never seem him looking so good.

The best Finbarr has ever looked.  Ever.

Finbarr went all out to prepare for the night.

Finbarr went all out to prepare for the night.

The night went on, as they tend to do.  One of the organisers thought the Myrtleville table was getting unruly so he tried to remove the source of celebration.

Ger Kennedy tries to take it back but Siobhan has both hands on the award.

Ger Kennedy tries to take it back but Siobhan has both hands on the award.

Kieran Murphy soon won him round to our point of view.Kieran Murphy and Ger Kennedy.I just hope Ger didn’t see what Kieran was doing with the hat just before he put it on…I hear Tea Tree shampoo is very effective, Ger.


And so to the morning after the night before.  Lots of big talk about the swim at 12.00.  How many of our crowd showed up?

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Must have been a good night. Two of them managed to make it to the swim. Two!

Still, the two who made it soon had reason to think the others might have got it right.

Sea swimming in Bray, Co. Wicklow.

Delicate as a butterfly, practicing how to slide and glide in the waves in Bray.

A night to remember.  Just to be fair, here’s some really nice pictures of everyone in their finery – Mermaids et al.

Ger Kennedy, Siobhan Russell, Billy Wallace and Marie Watson. 10917419_1065437636815456_5803047124041037027_n 10014672_1065437770148776_4017756323650982511_n

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Siobhan gets the speech done – with support.

Diarmuid and award-winning Rian Herlihy.

Diarmuid and award-winning Rian Herlihy.

Carmel Collins & Coleen Mallon.

Carmel Collins & Coleen Mallon.

ILDSA Awards Night

Trophy & Hat. Winning an award is great, but accepting it and having to give a speech is nerve-wracking for anyone.  Siobhan Russell did a fantastic job on behalf of us all last Saturday night in Wicklow.  Her short, perfect speech is below.

“Thank you for awarding this honour to Myrtleville Swimmers for promoting Open Water Swimming in Ireland. We are thrilled to bits to accept this award on behalf of all Myrtleville Swimmers!

Swimming in Myrtleville has transitioned from small beginnings to one of the most popular Swimming Groups and places in Ireland.

Myrtleville Swimmers Philosophy is Inclusion – from the Newest Open Water Swimmer to the seasoned Long Distance Swimmer and from the Youngest, to the not so Young!

Myrtlevillains welcome you all to swim in the Real Capital of Ireland and enjoy coffee, cake and a chat with us and who knows your photo may even appear on Damians Blog – if I have anything to do with it!

We are looking forward to swimming with Ger, Alice and all of you tomorrow. Thanks so much again.


I’m delighted to see that all present responded appropriately to the last shout….

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Rouse the Rebels!! Up Cork!!

Fantastic work by everyone.  The Trophy.