Sr. Assumpta pays a visit.

Unfortunately we got late notice that actress, Rose Henderson, was coming down for a swim, so she didn’t get to meet any of our famous swimmers.  She says she’ll come back again with her autograph book.  Rose has lots of roles to her credit, but for anyone who loved Father Ted it’s hard to forget Sr. Assumpta – even though Dougal did, nearly.


She got a couple of pics anyway.  Before and after her swim.  The cold water does wreck with makeup and hair colouring.  Didn’t Siobhan Russell have the same colour hair one time?

Rose Henderson on Myrtleville Beach

1 thought on “Sr. Assumpta pays a visit.

  1. Thanks to Damian and the Myrtleville swimmers who replied to my last minute email looking for info. Your site is entertaining and full of information and I had a gorgeous swim before heading to RTE and the Everyman. You haven’t truly visited a county until you’ve been in the sea. I’ve been to Cork now!

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