Swim times & Springtime.

A couple of people have been asking about this so, for February and into March, the Saturday 08.15 swim stays as the only one “cast in stone”.  Of course there are lots of other swims during the week, so check Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp for these.  Or just make your own plans with a group!

The hour changes on Sunday, March 29.  So from 6.00pm on Monday, March 30……MYRTLEVILLE MONDAYS ARE BACK. This year, we’re going retro 🙂

Just another normal Myrtleville Monday swim.

Just another normal Myrtleville Monday swim.

For sneaky pre-season early morning swims, the week of March 23-27 has sunrise at 6.30am or before.  As in previous years, a few “earlies” will get slid in there, I’m sure.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Denis Condon first into the water – Myrtleville sunrise on March 26, 2014

Then, with the hour change, we have to wait until the week commencing April 20th to see dawns at 6.30am or before.  From then on, it’s non-stop until October 25th!!

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Usual rush to be first in the water.

So Monday at 6.00 and Saturday at 08.15 will stay and we’ll start to add the 06.15 swims from April onwards.  Yippee!!