Swim times – August / September

Lots of emails asking about swim times.  While there are many regulars on holidays, swims on Mondays at 6.00pm and Saturdays at 08.15 are the most likely ones to have groups assembling for anyone to join.

From August 13th, we’ll be back to normal 06.15 swims during the week as well.  So, from then to when the clocks change, we will aim for the following at least:

  • Monday: 18:00
  • Tuesday: 06:15
  • Friday: 06:15
  • Saturday: 08:15

These times can vary and are weather dependent, so definitely check in advance if you’re coming on your own.  Swim at your own risk. Don’t swim alone. Always swim in groups.

Always remember – swim safe.  Good information here for anyone swimming in Myrtleville.

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