Starting OW Swimming in Cork

Ned Denison & others have put together two short documents for anyone thinking of getting into open water swimming in the Cork, Fermoy and Kinsale areas.

Well worth reading, for the many people who will be starting or recommencing OW swimming as the temperatures heat up.

Starting OW swimming in Cork for beginners.

Starting OW swimming in Cork for experienced swimmers.

As always when swimming – be careful, plan ahead and SWIM SAFE.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

6 thoughts on “Starting OW Swimming in Cork

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  2. Hi..I’m doing killarney ironman in August…a d was looking to do some outdoor swimming with some groups as I have a 4 K swim before a cycle and run I’m finding the pool no good..when do people swim ..weekends?
    Kind regards

  3. Hi Swimmers
    I’m new in Ireland.
    Would you let me know what time on weekends or weekday you are swimming in Myrtleville beach?
    I would like to join.

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