New Sign?

An unusual email has been received from a local Sign Writer, asking for confirmation of the order they’ve got, to urgently provide a new sign for the beach in Myrtleville.  They made contact here to confirm if the order is, in fact, in order.

Technically the sign is quite straightforward, with all of the text provided and even a suggested layout, based on a similar famous sign in the Sunny South East.  The sentiments of the proposed new Myrtleville sign are, however, slightly different.


The signwriter says the order came accompanied by cash in a brown envelope and initalled “D. C-C”.  The orderee also said this sign needed to be put in place quickly as, “de teachers are back too – as if dey were ever away”.  

I presume we should just tell them to fire away.  At least the spelling of “Myrtleville” is right on this sign.

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