23 hours until entries close

We are closing entries at 3pm tomorrow, Friday. The forecast looks good, safety cover is in place and it’s going to be a great day.

If you want to get involved, enter on Active.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Usual rush to be first in the water in 2014.

Swim Dilemmas & the Soccer Investor

The following series of texts occurred after the Irish match on Monday:

FH to DON: What time is the swim on Saturday?

DON: 3pm.  Your absence will not be accepted.

FH: The soccer is on….

DON: The what?  The what???? Use Sky+.

FH: I feel kinda invested in it now that I watched the first game.

DON: Yes and you’ve nothing invested in swimming, of course. ¬†I will pillory you from a height on the website if you miss the swim for soccer. ¬† I will also tell Donal Buckley and set him on you.

There was no reply……

So, as you can see, threats against Mr. Finbarr¬†were issued. ¬†This article is to apologise for those threats. ¬†Little did I know just how invested in soccer he really is. ¬†I googled “What the f*@k does Mr. Finbarr know about soccer?” and was amazed to find several examples of the Hedderman soccer investiture.

There was Finbarr at a post-match press conference on Monday with his buddy, Martin:What the f*@k does Mr. Finbarr know about soccer?

Unfortunately, there were some¬†signs of strife in the camp when Roy was asked about the postponement at a later conference. ¬†Apparently there’s some bad blood between Roy and our hero, due to Finbarr’s insistence that Roy call him Mister.What the f*@k does Mr. Finbarr know about soccer?

There was an old shot of Finbarr with his Three Amigos.What the f*@k does Mr. Finbarr know about soccer?

And there was even one of Mr. Finbarr and Roy in happier times when they used to swim together. ¬†Roy’s an awful man for falling out with fellas. ¬†You can see he was starting to get a bit thick with Finbarr in this one. ¬†He also quite fancied the look of Finbarr’s beard, I’d say – put a thought in his head about his own hirsuteness.What the f*@k does Mr. Finbarr know about soccer?

Even with all this evidence connecting him to soccer, I couldn’t begin to post the millions of pictures connecting¬†Mr. Finbarr to swimming that are to be found on the web. ¬†So, soccer or no soccer. ¬†Match or no match. Invested or not invested – get entered now on Active. ¬†

See you on Saturday – and I’m talking to YOU, Mr. Finbarr.

5 days to go

103 entries in for next Saturday, so far, and the five-day weather forecasts are all looking favourable today.  Thanks to the volunteers who contacted us yesterday.  

The new orange hats have arrived and they’ll be available for ‚ā¨8 at registration on Saturday or in Centra, Crosshaven any day. ¬†30 of them flew out the door almost as soon as they arrived yesterday, so hopefully there’ll be some left by the weekend! ¬†They’re already appearing at the beach…

….and in CUH…


Keep the entries coming – there’s plenty of room out there in the sea and lots of safety cover in place.

Click here to enter on Active.

See you on Saturday ūüôā

RNLI swim next Saturday – entries and volunteers

Entries are coming in steadily for next Saturday and the forecast looks favourable. ¬† If you’re not in and you’re going to enter, please do so today or early in the week.

Click here to enter on Active.

For those not competing, volunteers are always welcome. ¬†We’d like plenty of cover for timekeepers, bag drops etc. ¬†All help is welcome. ¬†If you can spare some time, please email myrtlevilleswimmers@gmail.com or tweet @MyrtlevilleS and we’ll put you on the list of vital helpers ūüôā

Timekeeping team - Yvette McKeown, Claire Canning, Aisling Barry, Gary Frost & Peter Frost. It's a tough job and they did it!

Timekeeping team 2015 РYvette McKeown, Claire Canning, Aisling Barry, Gary Frost & Peter Frost. 

AirShorts – de latest ting, like.

With the recent Huubistic activity¬†around the beach, it’s interesting to see that their new product – the KickPant – is being launched onto the market at the same time as a new offering from our old friends in Harcon PLC, fronted – as ever – by Don Denis himself.

The KickPant looks de berries, but is really only designed for wearing in the water.

The Huub Kickpant - just new to the market to help improve swimming posture.

The Huub KickPant – just new to the market to help improve swimming posture.

The new Harcon product – AirShorts – will clearly give a massive lift in the water but are also suitable for – to quote Don Denis – “De Mn√°s doing the housework, like they should”. ¬†Denis has a way with de mn√°s.


Some of you may recall poor old Mad Moz Morrison getting a hard time from the other desperados down West РMr. Finbarr and The Bull most notably Рfor wearing rubber underpants when he was swimming.   Just goes to show Moz was ahead of his time and the mainstream of swimmers are only catching up on his fashion lead.  

AirShorts will be allowed in the RNLI Myrtleville-Church Bay Swim on June 18th and no doubt will be for sale, as usual, from the back of a van.  

Get entered now – the forecast is looking good ūüôā

Respect for local residents – keep the noise down

The Myrtleville residents have been having a rough time lately, with some very anti-social behaviour during the day and late into the night and early mornings. ¬† Speaking to some locals today, they mentioned that some nights quiet has only just been achieved – with Garda intervention – and we’ve been arriving down to swim, keeping them awake even more! ¬† ¬†This message was passed on gently, but we really need to take notice.

If you’re swimming at any time before 10am, please make every effort to keep the noise down. ¬†No shouting across the road. ¬†Please try to close car doors and boots gently etc. ¬†A little bit of effort on our part will go a long way. ¬†We can’t stop the less-welcome elements turning up at the beach intent on causing trouble, but let’s not cause any more for the residents ourselves by being less than thoughtful.

This applies to all of us early swimmers during the week (big finger pointed at my own head) but also don’t forget at 8.15 on Saturday morning – many people want a lie in. ¬†Let them sleep!!

RNLI Swim promoted by TV3 – get entered!

With boiling sea temperatures, there’s really no excuse not to get 1,500m or more done in the sea and get entered for the RNLI Myrtleville – Church Bay Swim on June 18. ¬†

Just enter on ACTIVE here.

TV3 visited the beach yesterday and carried a nice piece on water safety and training for the RNLI swim, as well as an interview with our new pin-up mn√°s, Ann Lynch & Fiona Foley and lingering shots of Anne Sheehy preparing to take off.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Paul Byrne from TV3 gets the lowdown on safe open water swimming from Ms. Lynch & Ms. Foley.

I just love the look of awestruck respect from Fiona as Ann waxes lyrical on her chosen specialised subject of sea swimming. No wonder Bernard is so knowledgeable with Ann to guide him. ¬†Fiona never knew that Ann was a font of knowledge on tides, weather etc. ¬†We’ll have a night down in the Coast Guard Station with her soon. ¬†“An evening with Ann”.

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

And as for Ms. Sheehy….

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

The camera loves her – lingering shots of the Myrtle Turtle preparing to swim.

So come on everyone – be inspired and get entered.