AirShorts – de latest ting, like.

With the recent Huubistic activity around the beach, it’s interesting to see that their new product – the KickPant – is being launched onto the market at the same time as a new offering from our old friends in Harcon PLC, fronted – as ever – by Don Denis himself.

The KickPant looks de berries, but is really only designed for wearing in the water.

The Huub Kickpant - just new to the market to help improve swimming posture.

The Huub KickPant – just new to the market to help improve swimming posture.

The new Harcon product – AirShorts – will clearly give a massive lift in the water but are also suitable for – to quote Don Denis – “De Mnás doing the housework, like they should”.  Denis has a way with de mnás.


Some of you may recall poor old Mad Moz Morrison getting a hard time from the other desperados down West – Mr. Finbarr and The Bull most notably – for wearing rubber underpants when he was swimming.   Just goes to show Moz was ahead of his time and the mainstream of swimmers are only catching up on his fashion lead.  

AirShorts will be allowed in the RNLI Myrtleville-Church Bay Swim on June 18th and no doubt will be for sale, as usual, from the back of a van.  

Get entered now – the forecast is looking good 🙂

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