Good Food Gary

There are none as zealous as the converted.   Once they have steered themselves from the darkness into the light and on to the path of the righteous, they’re only too happy to tell you how you should do the same.  Take, for example, the recent conversion of Gary “The Cakeman” Frost to the nutritional guidance counsellor, “Good Food Gary”.  Just as a reminder, this is Gary….

Open water swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Gary with what would have been a pretty standard post-swim snack for him in the pre-conversion (and pre-beard) days.

Gone are the days when Gary was first in line to share in the cáca goodies.  Now, he’s preaching a mantra of “soups and stews” after Turkey swims, rather than “cakes and sweets” like we usually have.  Here’s another pre-conversion small snack for Gary – good work on the portion control there.


After a hard session in the sea on a Saturday morning (or five minutes of paddling, depending on your preference), a full-Irish in Hassett’s is a popular Myrtleville treat.  Gary himself was a regular supporter until he saw the light.  Now it’s granola and natural yoghurt for GFG (note the Lowry fry in the background – still sinners to be converted, Gary).

Thumbs up for the cardboard - not taste so it must be good for him.

Thumbs up for the cardboard – no taste, so it must be good for him.

Gary, you have to take advice from older, wiser heads.  Not me – take it from Denis – the man who knows about these things – the Mnás prefer a beefier man.  He said so, so it must be true. Tuck in, Gary.  Come back to the dark side. 

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Denis – beefy mná magnet.  Granola-free zone.

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