Annual Night Swim: Year Two

45 swimmers took to the water last night in a 13.7c sea for what is now an annual event – because it’s so much fun 🙂  Those who missed it (moi, par example) will just have to suck it up and look forward to next year.  I think it’s worth noting that 45 swimmers would be peak time numbers  for a Summer’s day in lots of swim locations.  We get that many for a night swim in October.  Myrtleville really is – to paraphrase Enda – The Best Small Beach In The World To Go Swimming.

Strange things happen in the dark, of course.  People begin to commune with nature or seek to communicate with other worlds.  I think the phrase Ruth is looking for below is “Nanu, Nanu”.


As always, nothing works without volunteers.  Carol and Yvette were in charge of the guest list and – as you’d expect at such a high-profile social event – there were people turning up arguing they should be on it etc. etc.  Ah, Breda….


Overall though, it was just smiles all the way.  Well done to everyone.




2 thoughts on “Annual Night Swim: Year Two

  1. another great blog by Damien – always makes me laugh😄

    I too missed the swim but while everyone here went home to warm beds I was sleeping out for Focus Ireland to raise awareness of the serious homeless issue we have in Ireland eg 738 FAMILIES across Ireland had no home to go to last night!! Please help where you can on Homeless for a night – slept relatively well but the practicality of being homelessness was eye opening! Headline on the news today is that there are 738 families homeless right now! We are so lucky – any small contribution is appreciated or just take 5mins today to think of our privileges …. Thanks, Barbara Anne

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