To the Dutchman and Baltimore

Antoinette Wilson is a regular volunteer to help at the Crosshaven Tri, Church Bay swim and other events.  Taking some time for herself she completed her first ever swim to the Dutchman on Wednesday.  Well done, Antoinette!

It could be that Antoinette felt the need to clear her head after the weekend away with the Myrtlevillians in Baltimore.  Details are filtering back and I’m sure we’ll have enough information for a full detailed post with pictures soon.  More on that later.

Also completing her first swim to the Dutchman this week was Noreen Fox – pictured at Lough Ine at the weekend.  Excellent work, Noreen.


Speaking of the weekend (before the “FUN” began) it was nice to see pictures of so many Myrtleville hats and t-shirts around the Sherkin-Baltimore swim (Antoinette volunteering, again) and even some of them coming out of the water first in their categories.  Charley Breen continued her great Summer of OW racing with a first in the wetsuit category.


Mr. Fastman, Anthony Sloman, came in first in the togs section.  What’s great about this picture is that you don’t actually have to see the togs (or strip of cloth from 1992) he wore.


Well done to everyone who took part, as swimmer or volunteer.

So – back to the details on the night out in Baltimore.  If you haven’t put your side of the story yet and don’t want someone else’s version of why you did what you did to appear on the site, be sure to contact us on 1800-DENISMADEMEDOIT or email  Don’t ignore those flashbacks.  Yes, you did do it and there were cameras, so you might as well tell us about it 🙂

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