Calendar posing.

I’m sure that, like me, whenever a non-swimmer realises that you’re swimming in the sea in Winter, you get the “Jayzus, you must be mad” or “You need your head examined”, friendly comments.

I always ignore these, because I know it’s not true that you have to be mad to enjoy OW Winter swimming.  Or at least, I thought it wasn’t true, until I saw the crowd who’ve started getting their pictures taken on the frozen beach in “Calendar Poses”.

I don’t know where they get their calendars, but I’m not shopping there.  Funnily enough, it’s all James, James, James in this game…

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

He started it – no wonder we had to post Jamie O’Donnell overseas (to Limerick).

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

James Slowey goes for it in his January Man Calendar pose.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

The old dog for the hard road, Jim Shalloo shows the younger James how it’s done.

Still, let’s not blame the boys, or the Jameses.  There’s Mnás at this lark too.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Anything they can do, I can do – waaaaay better. Ms. Collins reclines.

Of course, for the week that’s in it, don’t forget (voting closes this Friday, 23rd)…

Vote here: Section 10 is us, by the way

The olive branch…a note (for a vote) for SISC.

Here's one ye never thought ye'd see on this site - courtesy of LoneSwimmer.

Here’s one ye never thought ye’d see on this site – courtesy of LoneSwimmer.

I know in the past I may have made the odd comment that might have been open to misinterpretation but really, we’re all friends in Myrtleville and Sandycove – right lads?

I mean – seriously – Moz never thought I really wanted him tarred and feathered for what he did to The Hat, did he?  And Mr. Finbarr, sure he didn’t mind being compared to Clarence “The Big Man” Clemons – sure he didn’t?

The Bull – me ould buddy, Robbie – he wasn’t put out about being taunted repeatedly for having to swim in Myrtleville whenever the tide went out around the Island?  Angela?  Angela couldn’t have minded me ripping off her Minutes or encouraging counterfeit shower production worldwide….

No, no, I’m convinced that it was all taken in good humour and therefore couldn’t possibly prevent wholesale voting by all Sandycove Swimmers for us in the ILDSA Awards (Vote here: Section 10 is us, by the way

However, in light of the fact that maybe there was the occasional misunderstanding and since we are 100% not above buying votes here in Myrtleville, loyal Myrtlevillains have been glad to offer the following, if sufficient votes* are received from Sandycove:

1. B. Lynch will spend the entire day in his retail establishment in his Speedos, wearing a Sandycove swim hat.

2. D. Cregan-Condon will provide Sandycove-branded Showers for the first fifty swimmers who lap the Island five times in the dark in February. (Denis doesn’t like to give showers away easily).

3. P. Lowry will wear a pink wetsuit and walk behind Ms. Harris for one hour at the Sandycove Challenge next year, while sprinkling fairy dust and chanting “make way for the Pink Fairy”.

4. S. Russell will photograph N. Denison and G. Molnar’s next nude swim around Sandycove and have the images produced as mousemats for all SISC members.

Now, how could you not vote for us, your bestest, bestest friends forever?

Vote here: Section 10 is us, by the way

*(Legal Note: Determination of the meaning of “sufficient votes” is solely at the discretion of the Vote-Buying sub-committee of the Myrtleville Swimmers Is Not A Club, Club Committee.  All individuals mentioned in this article are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental, although we do all know most of them.)

Done? One Done? We need Done, Done, Done, Done, Done, Done…and more Done(s).

I’ve seen people on FaceBook proudly announcing “Done” in reply to various calls for voting for the world’s most active swimming group – US 🙂 – in the ILDSA awards.

Vote here: Section 10 is us:

One “Done” is no use at all.  We need done, done, done, done and more done. We need votes from every device in the house and office. Phone, PC, TV, Laptop, xBox etc etc.  Use Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox.  Grab a phone off passing strangers and vote on theirs.  Force co-workers to vote.

Vote here: Section 10 is us:

Where is the spirit that got “A Nation once again” by the Wolfe Tones voted the greatest song of all time on a BBC online poll?  Come on all those who crashed Time’s Person of the Century by voting for Ronnie O’Brien! Where are all the Rage Against The Machine fans who stopped the X Factor number one??

Vote here: Section 10 is us:

This is definitely the most important vote of the year – if not ever.  Perspective and reason have nothing to do with it: just vote – you know it’s right!

Vote here: Section 10 is us:

Of course it’s completely up to each person how they vote.  But remember,

Vote early, Vote often……ILDSA Awards

Janey Mac!  Myrtleville Swimmers got nominated for something!  The 2014 ILDSA Award Nominations are out and “Myrtleville Swimmers Cork” (Das Us!!) are nominated for:

ILDSA ‘MARGARET SMITH AWARD’ 2014 – for a person or group of people who increase the profile of open water swimming.

In addition, regular local swimmers are up for other awards – Carol Cashell for the “Sheena Patterson Spirit of OWS” Award, and Gordon Adair, Ciaran Byrne, Mr. Finbarr and Rian Herlihy in other categories.


(Shameless plug: No. 10 is the one we’re under!! 🙂



Swimming in shifts.

It really is like the Summer at this stage with the number of scheduled swims.  We had 08.15 Saturday and Sunday and then 11.30 on Sunday as well.  Around those times there were several other small groups.   January is being kind!

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Flying visit from Jamie before moving to Limerick – still waiting for the sun on Saturday morning.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Recharging the fuel levels after the 11.30 Sunday morning swim. That Ninja on the left looks fierce familiar.

There have been a few journalists writing lately about the explosion in numbers of OW swimmers in the UK and Ireland.  All of them comment on the stress-relieving aspect of it.  Ms. Maguire takes that a bit further.  She gets the stress-busting benefit of the swim and then doubles it by strangling someone to take out any remaining frustrations.  No wonder she’s always beaming for the photos – de-stressed, de-toxed and very, very deadly.  Posing for swimfies is dangerous when she’s around.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

This is great crack – strangling Gordon first thing in the morning.

When is Church Bay not Church Bay?

Answer: When it’s Myrtleville, of course.  For some reason several old pictures found online refer to Church Bay.

Old photos of Myrtleville.

Postcard marked Church Bay, Crosshaven (from Francis Stokes on the Old Photos of Cork FaceBook page).  Picture is clearly Myrtleville.

William Lawrence in his photographic tours of Ireland took pictures pre-1905.  Again, some strangely marked as Church Bay.

Old photos of Myrtleville.

Picture by William Lawrence taken pre-1904. Interesting to see the clear fields and lack of houses at Fennell’s Bay and overlooking the Dutchman.

Other William Lawrence pictures are then marked correctly.

Old photos of Myrtleville.

Myrtleville from Fennell’s Bay and on to Robert’s Head in the background.

Old photos of Myrtleville.

Myrtleville and O’Regan’s field – when it was a field.

Annagh House – the 1913 postal directory says Mr. Charles E.L. Olden was the resident.  Correctly shown as Myrtleville.

We’ve also got one from the 1930’s labelled as Fennell’s Bay!

Nice to see swimmers in several of the pictures 🙂

They seek him here…..

….they seek him there.  Having taken Christmas off from fighting crime, local officers finally came to put the long arm of the law on Denis Cregan-Condon.  They’ll need to get longer arms if they’re going to catch that slippery character.  A passerby snatched these photos of the master of crime sneaking out his surplus stock, while the sheriffs searched in vain for the cowboy in the sand.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Cregan-Condon: stock sneaking.

Spotting the camera, the conman laughed shamelessly as he scarpered.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Cregan-Condon: Shameless Scarper Snickering.

How long can he remain at large, while taunting the authorities and flaunting his wealth with a new DryRobe for every day of the week?  Somehow, he always seems to be one step ahead.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

The Harris Shower company – how does Cregan-Condon always seems to know their plans?

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