Posers strike back.

Jeez, you can’t say anything.  As soon as I say there needs to be improvements in posing next year, I get a flood of photos from fellas saying “I’m doin’ my bit – it’s everyone else who’s lettin’ the side down….”.  Lowry was on –


Kieran Murphy, straight in after him saying he was bringing other, more shy and retiring swimmers along with him.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Mr. Murphy encouraging the shy, retiring Ms. Maguire.

Denis, of course..


And Jim Shalloo – demanding to be given credit for his efforts.  Fair dues, Jim.  To be honest, you don’t look like you’re suffering too much for your art, though.

Look, lads, the point isn’t that individuals aren’t making an effort, it’s that we need to co-ordinate things better in the approach to the sea from the slip.  That was what I was trying to say, but the message was clearly lost on the buachaillí dána.

On the other hand, the mná (as Denis says) missed that point too.  They were all straight down to the beach trying to get their flag picked.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Pick mine – it matches my hair! Mine goes with my eyes! Mine’s the best all-rounder to match neoprene and skin!

Maybe we’ll have to have a Flag competition, like the Hat one 🙂

Swim Safe.  Still waiting for the water to get cold and great to see up to 20 people in the water regularly.

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