Gary’s swim map

A beautiful calm sea and 8.5c temp this Thursday afternoon and a nice group of five swimmers.

Gary Frost is getting even more fancy – first movies, now GPS maps.  He mapped about 1.4km yesterday – even though I thought we were a bit closer to the Dutchman when we stopped: I could see the seaweed on it!

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Gary Frost’s 23 January swim map.

Siobhan was going to swim, but opted to take a few pictures instead – getting tired out from the pool and planning on a swim on Friday morning anyway.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

One man and his beach.

It was low tide and handy for work so Finbarr Hedderman arrived, complete with Sandycove 1000+ hat.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Aidan Mangan and Finbarr Hedderman.

Of course, with Siobhan on-site, someone had to be told “POSE!”

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

When Siobhan says Pose, you pose – Gary Frost & James Slowey.

Swim tomorrow morning, Saturday, at 08.15 as usual.

Home and Away

It was a beautiful morning in Myrtleville: temps were 7.8c in the water and -2c on land with lovely sunshine.  The beach was icy, admittedly and that wasn’t the most pleasant for the feet!

Still, a great turnout of eight swimmers, even if some promised special guests couldn’t make it after a late night.

Also absent, on Gala duty in Tralee, a couple of Myrtlevillians couldn’t keep out of the sea.

Poen water , sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Fast Eddie Irwin, the surfer Dude & Bernard Lynch at Banna Beach today.

Big waves in Kerry and I’m giving Eddie the benefit of the doubt by saying he was looking to catch some tubes in his board shorts.  I couldn’t be saying he was swimming in his jox.

Water temp going back up again!

8.6°c on Wednesday and 8.7°c in the water on Thursday, plus it was calm enough to swim to the Dutchman.  Still a good mix of swimmers sticking with Winter sea swimming and enjoying it.  We also hear tell of sneaky extra training sessions in the pool in Douglas.  Some people are getting fierce serious 🙂

Usual 08.15 swim tomorrow, Saturday.  Forecast looks ok.

As ever, a couple of fantastic pictures from Siobhan Russell during the week.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

High tide at Fennell’s Bay.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

The Dutchman throws up some waves

See you in the sea!

Brisk, Bracing Swimming

Or – if brisk and bracing don’t cover it for you – try chilly, crisp, toasty (Mr. Finbarr only) or just plain cold.

Temperatures were 7.9c in the water on St. Stephen’s Day and 7.7c this morning for the usual Saturday swim.  With -2c on land this morning, a combined 5.7c did justify “brisk”.

The fact that we’re swimming at dawn means not only that we are getting the best of the cold (!) – unlike those on gentlemen’s hours further West – but also the best of the views.  Owen O’Keeffe was up from Fermoy after his Blackwater dip on Christmas Day and he got this lovely one on St. Stephen’s Day..

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Dawn in Myrtleville, St. Stephen’s Day, 2013

Nine swimmers on Thursday and ten today – great to see.  There’s nothing like the buzz.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Jim Shaloo gets ready to go on St. Stephen’s Day.

For those not back at work, we’ll aim for 08.15 on Monday, Dec. 30.  Forecast looks reasonable – there’ll definitely be a calm bit!

Turkey Swims in Myrtleville this weekend

The series organiser, Carol Cashell, has scheduled three dates in Myrtleville this year for the annual Turkey Swims.  These are November 23, 24 and December 21.  Everyone is welcome and details are below.

The Swimmers Turkey Series is a Social Event for Cork OW swimming in the Winter. Remember to bring your Flasks for after the swims.  Nibbles are always welcome too! Have Fun and Enjoy 🙂

Myrtleville Turkey Swim - Dec 2, 2012 : open water - sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Myrtleville Turkey Swim.

Swimmers  Turkey Series Swims 2013
SAT 09-Nov Sandycove 10:30 Mags
SUN 10-Nov Sandycove 11:30 Mags
SAT 23-Nov Myrtleville 10:30 Carol
SUN 24-Nov Myrtleville 10:30 Carol
SAT 30-Nov Sandycove 13:30 Eoin
SUN 01-Dec Sandycove 14:30 Eoin
SAT 14-Dec Sandycove 13:30 Eoin
SUN 15-Dec Sandycove 14:30 Eoin
SAT 21-Dec Myrtleville 10:30 Carol
SUN 22-Dec Sandycove 10:30 Mags
Lucky Duck - regular Myrtleville Swimmer : open water - sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Lucky Duck – regular Myrtleville Swimmer – may make an appearance to support other Fowl Friends.

How the ‘Turkey Swims’  work:
** Swimmers Sign In and pay €2 on the  day of Swim. (someone will have a money box and sign-In  sheet).
** Money Collected goes towards Prizes drawn on 22nd  Dec at Sandycove. These include Butcher Vouchers (instead of an actual  Turkey) and many other spot prizes (wine / chocolates /  selection boxes etc!). We had over 20 prizes last year.
** Don’t Forget to Pay and Sign In, if you don’t you  are not in the draw!
** Make however many swims you can, 1 –  10.
** The more you swim, the more times you are entered  for the ‘draw’.
** A Swim will be defined as being in the water for  more than 10minutes!, Doesn’t have to be a full lap to the Dutchman.  Togs or  Wetsuit, up to you, swim safe, stay warm, swim with similar speed buddies.

Here comes the Summer…

The coldologists tell us that this – the third week of February – is traditionally the coldest of the year for open water swimming, so when you see this on the car, it could be worrying,especially with 7.5C in the sea the previous day:

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

-1C on land – Myrtleville 24 February, 2013

One of the many great things about swimming in Myrtleville is that you don’t have to wait for tides – you can swim at any time, low or high.  This morning was low – and beautiful:

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Myrtleville at low tide – 24 February, 2013

Even at -1C on land, the sun shone and that little bit of warmth made the swim (7.8C on the watch) and changing afterwards much, much more comfortable than yesterday.  Summer is coming!

Open water sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Myrtleville in the sunshine – 24 February, 2013

It was pure pleasure swimming this morning.  Sure, where else would you be?

Sea Temperature recordings

Registered Coldology Practitioner, Bernard Lynch, posed the following question to Met Eireann:

“Why do the sea temp watches of a group of sea swimmers around the Cork coast always show approx a -1 degree difference to the M3 and M5 bouy registered temps on this  site. Is the water close to shore colder and why?”

Columba Creamer of Met Eireann very helpfully replied:

You are correct in that sea water close to shore is at a different temperature to that in the open sea.   During the winter this difference can be quite substantial and usually the open sea temperature will be warmer than that close to shore.  During the summer the opposite happens and water close to shore will be warmer.  Water close to shore will be cooled or warmed depending on the time of year by the nearby land mass.  The tides also affect the temperature of the water especially inshore and in confined sea areas.

I attach latest sea temperature picture for Ireland’s coastal areas:

Open water sea swimming in Cork Ireland Cold water swimming

Weather Dial SeaTemperature – 4 Feb 2013

Myrtleville to Monkstown

For the first time since August, we couldn’t find even Bernard’s “calm bit” today. Myrtleville unswimmable, so we went on the road to Monkstown for two perfectly flat laps of the Marina. Cork Harbour is a big, big place and a gift for open water swimming. There’s always a calm bit somewhere 🙂

Open water swimming in Cork, Ireland

Calm and clear for a swim: Monkstown 25/1/2013

Myrtleville Ice Swimming Championships

Well, part of the beach was still icy anyway.  Beautiful day for a swim to the Dutchman.  Bernard had been delayed earning a living, so was on the beach to take some pictures as we came out.  I thought Mauricio in Gibraltar preparing for his big Straits swim would especially appreciate these……if he thought we were crazy to still be open water swimming before this.  🙂

Open Water Sea Swimming in Cork, Ireland

James Slowey: Myrtleville Ice Beach – 22 January, 2013

Open Water Sea Swimming in Cork, Ireland

Damian O’Neill: Myrtleville Ice beach: January 22, 2013