Brisk, Bracing Swimming

Or – if brisk and bracing don’t cover it for you – try chilly, crisp, toasty (Mr. Finbarr only) or just plain cold.

Temperatures were 7.9c in the water on St. Stephen’s Day and 7.7c this morning for the usual Saturday swim.  With -2c on land this morning, a combined 5.7c did justify “brisk”.

The fact that we’re swimming at dawn means not only that we are getting the best of the cold (!) – unlike those on gentlemen’s hours further West – but also the best of the views.  Owen O’Keeffe was up from Fermoy after his Blackwater dip on Christmas Day and he got this lovely one on St. Stephen’s Day..

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Dawn in Myrtleville, St. Stephen’s Day, 2013

Nine swimmers on Thursday and ten today – great to see.  There’s nothing like the buzz.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Jim Shaloo gets ready to go on St. Stephen’s Day.

For those not back at work, we’ll aim for 08.15 on Monday, Dec. 30.  Forecast looks reasonable – there’ll definitely be a calm bit!

2 thoughts on “Brisk, Bracing Swimming

  1. Brrr!! First day in a long while My feet felt warmer getting into the water; Could not feel my feet getting out and no shirt buttons closed until an hour after.And that was after only 22 mins in water.The tall man stayed for 30 min and went for a run after. Impressive!
    Mind you he did spill his coffee all over the place in Centra 🙂

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