Size matters

As the Turkey Swims drew to a close yesterday, many fantastic prizes had been organised for participants by the intrepid Harris-Cashell team.  There were, however, also a few unwanted clothing discards, dumped by whoever had got stuck with them.

Poor Gary Frost was an unfortunate recipient  a lucky winner of a grey animal welfare item t-shirt which he was unbelievably and unreasonably  delightfully expected to wear.  Ever the gentleman, Gary gamely attempted to put it on – thankful that at least it was in his size, being clearly marked as “L”. 

Thankfulness soon turned to confusion as Gary discovered the new sizing scheme being used down West.  S, M & L around d’Island now stand for Slight, Mini and Little.

Here’s Gary modelling his Little version – soon to be donated to a worthwhile charity (for sizically-challenged people).

L for Little - Gary tries it on.

L for Little – Gary tries it on.

Tuck in over the Christmas, Gary.  You’re fading away if you can fit into that size.

Turkey Swims 2017

Mark your diaries for the Turkey Swim Dates 2017! Times, Locations & Dates below…

Remember this is open to everyone who swims regularly in the Sea, no matter where they normally swim.  This is not exclusive to any club or group of swimmers, If you want to swim on a date, come along, find a swim buddy and join in, no matter where the swim is on! The Sandycove times are based on tides and at Myrtleville we can swim on any tide so there is a mix of Morning/afternoon times to try and suit all people over both days of the weekend.  Wetsuit, Skins, Fins, all welcome!
How the ‘Turkey Swims’ work:
** Swimmers Sign In and pay €2 on the day of Swim. (someone will have a money box and sign-in sheet – probably Carol, Angela or Eoin).
** Money Collected goes towards Prizes drawn on 23rd Dec at Fountainstown, These include Butcher Vouchers (instead of an actual Turkey) and many other spot prizes (The Edge Vouchers / wine / chocolates / selection boxes etc!). We had over 30 prizes last year.
** Don’t Forget to Pay and Sign In, if you don’t you are not in the draw!
** Make however many swims you can.
** The more you swim, the more times you are entered for the ‘draw’.
** A Swim doesn’t have to be 30mins, no min/max time or distance, turn up and do what you feel comfortable with on the day. Togs or Wetsuit, up to you, swim safe, stay warm, swim with similar speed buddies. Turning Up for Fresh Air and a chat also counts, sometimes that’s what we need.
** The Swimmers Turkey Series is a Social Event for Cork OW swimming in the Winter.
Remember to bring your Flasks for after the swims for hot drinks to help you warm up, Nibbles are always welcome too!, there is talk of some people bringing cake! ideal way to practice for the Great Turkey Bake Off on Sat 23rd Dec! (See the Facebook event for more info)

Cregan-Condon fraud – AGAIN!

Are there no depths to which the man won’t sink?  Last weekend, supposedly reformed master-criminal, Denis Cregan-Condon, was making himself out to be the best friend to all mankind, distributing “his” delicious mince pies to sundry, unsuspecting Myrtlevillians and others attending the Turkey Swim.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Beautiful mince pies – but look at him – would you trust this man?

Our intrepid reporters can now reveal that far from baking these delicious treats himself, Cregan-Condon received the pies from Myrtleville stalwart, Tom Bermingham and then “forgot” to mention this: while basking in the glory of being “THE mince pie man”.  SHAME ON YOU DENIS, SHAME!!

Our reporter visited the famed Bermingham bakery where further delicious pies were being made.  The rolling pin is ready for Mr. Cregan-Condon if he dares to show his face.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Master bakers, Kathy & Kathleen Bermingham – ready to help Denis see stars.

Denis leaves a trail of infamy behind him.  Watch out for him this weekend and don’t be fooled.  Mrs Bermingham wants her Roses tin back too, Denis.

A Christmas Carol.

The growth in numbers swimming in Myrtleville this year has been huge and has contributed to the increased numbers participating in the Turkey Swims.  Over sixty people swimming in November/December is a great sight.  These events don’t just run themselves, though, so let’s give some credit to the organiser-in-chief (and Birthday Girl on Saturday), Carol Cashell.

DSC_1651 She kept it running last year, too.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

2013: Carol doing her unusual shop – meat and choccies all round for the prizes – with her personal shopper, B. Lynch

I suppose we’d have to give some recognition to Ms. Harris, who helped out the odd time.

Some bit of help, I suppose.  Mostly in it for the cake, though.

Some bit of help, I suppose. Mostly in it for the cake, though. She’s all about the cake, ’bout the cake…

Finally, lest this become too much of a praising pukefest….

Just in case anyone would think it was all sweetness and light.  Carol.... really!

Just in case anyone would think it was all sweetness and light. Carol…. really!

3pm on Saturday in Myrtleville for the Turkey Swim and 4.30pm or so for the Turkey Thaw in the Pine Lodge.

3pm on Sunday in Sandycove for the Turkey Swim and 4.30pm for the Turkey Series Bake Off.  That’s an excuse to eat even more cakes, for anyone who doesn’t know about it.

For those poor misfortunes with work and other plans on Saturday (me) the usual 08.15 swim is still on. Also for double-dippers, of course, who might go for the early swim, Hassett’s, Christmas shopping in Centra,  back to the beach for the Turkey Swim, Cakes, Turkey Thaw…what a day😊.  Anyone?

A bit of a do – December 20th.

Siobhan Russell is posting an Event on FaceBook for all swimmers.  For non-FaceBookers, it’s the Turkey Thaw in the Pine Lodge, Myrtleville, at about 4.30pm on Saturday, December 20th – after the last Myrtleville Turkey Swim for 2014.  All are welcome.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Pine Lodge – ready to be filled.

The Pine Lodge is a great spot.  The suggested table of events for the day and evening per Siobhan is:

Second last Turkey Swim in Myrtleville at 3pm.
Raffle being held after swim at the beach.
Pine Lodge for drinks and Turkey Thaw afterwards – about 4.30pm.
Photos of the year on screen.
Food available from pizza van.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Crystal’s Munchie bus.

Siobhan’s agenda stops at that point, but I think she must have run out of space.  I’m sure the following should also be there.

  • Tequila Chaser Chicks – live on stage at 9.30.
  • Denis’ Shower Strip – repeated performance on request throughout the night – just ask and he’ll be ready to go.
  • X Rated photos on screen (i.e. The Killary Shots) – once the kids go home.  Sure to set up the next stage……..
  • “It’s way too hot” – off to the beach without any silly old clothes to get in the way

Just another normal night out for this crowd, really.


See you on the 20th.  Oh, it’s Carol’s birthday, too.  There might be even more cakes than usual.

Like a Summer weekend.

The Turkey Swims have really come into their own this year, encouraging nearly sixty swimmers to Myrtleville on Sunday.  Before that, there was a nice group of a dozen or so in at 8.15 on Saturday morning too.  Pride of place goes to Jamie O’Donnell who decided he’d had enough of the wetsuit after the Summer and wouldn’t be needing it for the Winter.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Jamie O’Donnell jumps for joy at shedding his wetsuit..

There are dozens of pictures around FaceBook of the Turkey Swim.  Just click here.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

November – not August. Great to see it.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Some Turkey Swimmers on the way – basted, but not frozen. Yet.

Well done to all involved in the Turkey Swims.  Still five more to come.

#6 Sandycove – November 30 at 12:00 noon.

#7 – Sun 7th Dec – Myrtleville – 11:00

#8 – Sat 13th Dec – Sandycove – 10:30

#9 – Sat 20th Dec – Myrtleville – 15:00 (half the Draw will take place)

#10 – Sun 21st Dec – Sandycove – 15:00 (other half of Draw will take place)

More Turkey and Ducks.

Not a bad morning for the first Myrtleville Turkey swim and a good turnout as well.  As usual, Siobhan has loads of pictures on her facebook page.

1489285_1000534603305760_8927645225322593317_n 1467478_1000519009973986_104886735998968215_n

Carol Cashell was away so Angela Harris made one of her all too rare trips to Myrtleville to take charge of the money.  Fair dues to Angela, even though it’s only about once a year, she always gets into the Myrtleville Way and leaves a picture moment.  This time she opted to Do a Denis – the patented water-saving methodology created by Mr. Condon.  We’ll have a vote to see who does it best…

Angela vs Denis

Denis needs a duck.