Tell me again – what’s your excuse?

Entries for the world’s most important swim, the RNLI Myrtleville – Church Bay on June 10th, are coming in steadily, but it’s worrying how many people are putting off their qualifying 1,500m sea swim –

“until May”.  It’s May now.  Has been for ten days.

“until it’s warmer”.  It’s Ireland.  Don’t delay for what may never be.  Anyway, the sea is up over 12c.  Our swim often runs at 13c.  Get used to it by swimming in it.

“until closer to the swim”.  Under 30 days.  Tick Tock.

“until my pool classes finish”.  Pool?  Wha’?  Get outta there.

By way of encouragement for the masses, Mae Irwin joined us to do 2km in Myrtleville this week.  At dawn.  Twice – Monday and Wednesday, so far.  Just to show it’s fine for anyone who was putting it off.

Mae Irwin before this morning’s dawn swim to show there’s no excuse not to be in the sea.

Mae is 10.  Ten.  Years.  Old.

So, tell me again – what’s your excuse?

Get in.  Get qualified.  Get entered.  Mae says it’s fine.

Click here to enter on Active.

Breda! Breda! Breda!

Standing tall and refusing to be pushed by Denis into swimming only in Fountaina, Breda Maguire was greeted for the dawn swim today by cheering crowds of supporters and anti-Condon activists (eight of us, although the cheering was very quiet at 6am).

Breda Maguire – stiff upper lip (or a big smile anyway), painted toenails and an admirable refusal to be bullied out of Myrtleville by Denis “Feckin” Condon.

To further rub it in to Denis, Breda had prepared a few snacks for us when we were finished the swim.

A few snacks – Breda-style.

 Bet you’re sorry you stayed in bed now, Denis.  You’ll be lucky to get a packet of Taytos at that 9.00 swim.  Breda’s here to stay.

Beware of suggestions of “other nice places to swim”.

The CCCCC (Central Committee for Counteraction of Condon Campaigns) met in emergency session this morning, to deal with an assault of negative waves on the positive vibes found in Myrtleville.   This attack is being orchestrated by Denis “It’s my beach and where’s the cake” Condon.  He has determined that there are now too many swimmers in Myrtleville and he has vowed to get them to move to other locations.

It may be recalled that action had to be taken in 2015 to combat Mr. Condon’s efforts to get ordinary, decent swimmers into the “fresh” water Camps of North Corkorea.  This latest Denisian effort is the culmination of his extreme dissatisfaction with  – Quotes:

  • Shaggers parkin’ in my feckin’ space
  • Feck all cake from de mnás – if dey’re not feedin’ us, dere’s no room
  • Dat bloody O’Neill bashin’ into me and my mott
  • Dat Maguire wan keepin’ de cakes in Fountaina

His plan is to be found in the last grievance quoted.  He has taken aim at poor, unsuspecting Breda Maguire and is encouraging all swimmers to join her in Fountainstown, or as Denis calls it (quote from Facebook) “BREDA MAGUIRE bay where she now has move her feeding station to”.  

Denis gleefully outlining his master plans to various associates this morning as he schemes how to get “his” Myrtleville back for himself and his followers and feeders. “‘Tis lovely over dere with Breda, I’ll tell ’em.  Dey’ll fall for dat”.

Other perceived Condon issues and grievances were noted by the CCCCC. However, after due consideration and in a lengthy ruling by its standards, the Committee issued the following statement:  “Shag him.”

Following this ruling, we now advise all swimmers to beware of Denis promising good times and unlimited cake just over the road in Fountainstown.  Myrtleville is where it’s at. He’ll just have to make room.  Or join us for this any morning – lots of room at 6am, Denis. No cake, though.