Breda! Breda! Breda!

Standing tall and refusing to be pushed by Denis into swimming only in Fountaina, Breda Maguire was greeted for the dawn swim today by cheering crowds of supporters and anti-Condon activists (eight of us, although the cheering was very quiet at 6am).

Breda Maguire – stiff upper lip (or a big smile anyway), painted toenails and an admirable refusal to be bullied out of Myrtleville by Denis “Feckin” Condon.

To further rub it in to Denis, Breda had prepared a few snacks for us when we were finished the swim.

A few snacks – Breda-style.

 Bet you’re sorry you stayed in bed now, Denis.  You’ll be lucky to get a packet of Taytos at that 9.00 swim.  Breda’s here to stay.

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