Summer’s here: make a plan

From Ned Denison:
The cold Spring is OVER. Many are off to their first 2013 triathlon NEXT weekend and needed a dip first, so they’re in the sea this weekend.
Time to get a 2013 PLAN….how about setting your goal for one of these?  Wetsuit swimmers VERY WELCOME at all.
Swim Ireland membership is required ONLY for the Fermoy swim…two of the events are free and one of these is swim optional (so no excuses):
2013 Race Distance Location Fee (€) Web
Sat 8-Jun Garnish Island 1, 3 & 5km Glengariff 23
Sun 9-Jun Sandycove  “M” Club Swim 1.7km Sandycove Island 0
Fri 14-Jun Martin Duggan  Memorial 2km Fermoy 15 – 25
Sun 16-Jun Myrtleville to Church  Bay 2km Myrtleville 15
Fri 21-Jun Paraic Casey –  Celebratory Sandycove Island 0
Sat 6-Jul Vibes & Scribes’  Lee Swim 2km Cork City 25 – 35
Garnish – one of the nicest places in West Cork.  You can chose your distance – so no excuse to miss it.
Sandycove M – come swim with the swimmers who have completed 1,000+ laps in their lifetime!   Get into it…as later in the summer the D Club for 500+ will be run and the M club for 100+ lifetime laps.   Special caps available.  Are you going to be in one of these clubs?  Getting close?
Fermoy – 1 km up the river and enjoy the current on the way back.  A festive atmosphere and well attended by all ages from 12 to 75!
Myrtleville – a straight swim along the coast and if you want to race you’ll find somebody just a % or so slower to beat!   Great view of the lighthouse.
Paraic Casey Celebratory (on summer solstice) – this is the annual event following the tragic loss of Paraic in the Channel last summer.  Come with food, a smile and ready to chat into the late evening.  Swimming?  Well, certainly not after a few burgers!
‘Vibes & Scribes’ Lee Swim 2013 – the classic through the city and under so many bridges.  A great day out and the party continues in town until the early hours.
Dream:   pick one or more of the events
Prepare:   get in the open water soon and get ready
Succeed:  complete the swim, maybe set a new personal best and beat your brother-in-law!
Ned Denison
Cork Ireland – Open Water Swimmer  (Phone:  +353 87 987 1573)

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