Over 12c in the sea.

We’re finally seeing some rise in the temperatures.  It’s over 12c and heading up.  Normal times this week with 6pm today, 06.15 Tuesday and Friday and 08.15 Saturday.

Not sure what year this picture was taken, but it’s a bit rough for going past the Dutchman and the shop is open for an ice-cream after the swim.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

That guy in the cool white & black car has parked in my space.

Swim Safe and get your entries in for June 28.

Swim times for April & May

Planned swim times for Myrtleville Beach. These are the times most likely that a group will assemble. Email myrtlevilleswimmers@gmail.com if you’re interested any day.  Or tweet @MyrtlevilleS.

These times can vary and are weather dependent, so definitely check in advance if you’re coming on your own.  Swim at your own risk. Don’t swim alone. Always swim in groups.

  • Monday: 18:00
  • Tuesday: 06:15
  • Friday: 06:15
  • Saturday: 08:15

Always remember – swim safe.  Good information here for anyone swimming in Myrtleville.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Swim at your own risk.

Weekend swims

Lots of swimming at the weekend, with groups in right through Friday to Sunday.  It was slightly chillier in the morning at 8.5c, but a nice warm 11c on land made up for it.  Afternoon swimmers found it over 10c in the water – very nice for April.

We had a new swimmer, Sean, down on Saturday morning for the first time in Myrtleville.  I was helpfully explaining where we’d be going and what to do if he wanted to turn back etc.  What I should have been doing was asking him how fast he was.  I knew pretty soon as he disappeared over the horizon ahead of me with the likes of Eddie and Eoin.  I could almost hear him laughing – but he was too far ahead. No need to worry there, then 🙂

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Lots of new hat wearers on Saturday morning.

Blackwater Tri continued their OW sessions.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Blackwater Tri – Saturday lunchtime swim.

A sure sign of Summer is the ferry bringing in the tourists.  Always good to see.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Joleen races the ferry home.

Swimming tonight at 6.00pm, then Tuesday at 4.30pm, Thursday morning in the water at 6.30AM, Friday morning 8.15am (I know not everyone is off, but some are so why not go swimming!) and Saturday 8.15am, as usual.

Swims & Selfies

Lots of swims this weekend with groups in on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Denis Condon was at all of them, of course!  The water was between 8.4c and 9.2c – not bad at all for March.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

A bit chilly after Sunday’s swim – need a hot water bottle.

It’s great to see all the celebs encouraging no-make-up selfies in the fashion press.  Here’s local celebrity, B. Lynch, with his contribution.

I think I better avoid Crosshaven for a few days after publishing this one 🙂

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Bernard Lynch’s no make-up selfie.

Swims this week on Wednesday, March 26 @ 06.30 (in the morning!); Thursday, March 27 at 4.30pm & Saturday, March 29 at 08.15.

Myrtleville Mondays at 6pm are back next week, starting on 31 March 🙂

Pre-season swims

Rob Bohane dubbed it “pre-season swimming” and we got a fantastic morning for a swim to the Dutchman.  Seven happy swimmers and all looking forward to when the clocks really work in our favour from mid-April onwards.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Myrtleville – 21 March, 2014 at dawn.

About 8.4c in the sea and with the sun coming up to warm the end of the swim, it really was lovely.  You would imagine that hard-core, open water superstars would just find it toasty, but Finbarr wasn’t around to keep up the standards so Rob and Carol, well…the pictures say it all.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Rob ‘I’m not ashamed of my wetsuit’ Bohane, Carol ‘A little bit ashamed of mine’ Cashell – with Denis & Bernard.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

“And when you’re finished swimming, it makes a really good hat!” Rob keeps up the justifying.

Missed my birthday by a day because of yesterday’s storm, but Carol still brought birthday muffins.  Thanks, Carol 🙂

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Birthday muffins for me (and everyone else)! Thanks, Carol.

Trying for 08.15 tomorrow morning or Carol has another group at 09.00 also.

Visitors, tourists & supporters.

Saturday was absolutely picture-perfect in Myrtleville.  Water temperature at 9.5c and sunny on land – real signs of Summer on the way.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Denis Condon going in first – Saturday March 15, 2014.

We had a welcome return visit from Angela Leonard from Wicklow Masters, down for the weekend.  No pictures allowed!  She was telling us it was only 4c in the water up the country.  Looking at the nearest temps I can find (Arklow), I think she was just trying to make us feel inadequate. To be fair, it looks like it was really, really cold up there in February 🙂

James Slowey found his map for directions and managed to make it down for a swim.  He even brought a support team – at least it was a nice morning for them.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Dean & Ciara – James Slowey’s support team: dragged out of bed on a Saturday morning.

Bernard was on tour for the weekend and came across an interesting sign in the Deise.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Bernard on Tour – very medieval down Waterford way…..the lower sign is important, though!

The planned swim for Thursday morning is looking dodgy as the forecast is very bad.  We are going to move it to Friday at 06.30, to see if we can get in then.

First early swim planned

Swimming today, Thursday at 4.30pm and Saturday at 08.15.

Next week, the plan is for a first early swim of the year on Thursday, March 20 at 06.30.  The light will be with us for a week or two before the clock changes, so we might as well take advantage!

Monday nights start up again on March 31 at 6pm.  We had some nice candidates for “safety boats” among the liners last year.  Looks like the first of the applicants for this year has arrived – anchored off the beach yesterday.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Schooner off Myrtleville – March 12, 2014.

Here’s a more close-up version of the Gorch Fock by Hugh Mockler:

The Gorch Fock at anchor off Myrtleville – pic by Hugh Mockler.

The Gorch Fock at anchor off Myrtleville – pic by Hugh Mockler.

The comebacks continue

Missing a few with flu, but the show goes on.  The water was 8.9ºc on Saturday morning as Spring continues.  It was over 9ºc a couple of afternoons last week.

Carol Cashell arrived for her first sea swim in eight weeks and brought Orla Houlihan with her to keep Gary company.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Gary, Carol and Orla – determined to capture the moment

No continuation of last week’s show by Gary, but Carol and Orla did bring muffins and cake to feed the regulars.  They’ll be expecting that every week now 🙂

Aiming for Thursday at 4.30pm this week and Saturday at 08.15.  Forecast looks great.

March – in like a lamb and out like a….Gary?

Good conditions and almost nine degrees in the water gave a very nice start to March for Saturday’s swimmers.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Siobhan makes it in front of the camera and poses – of course.

Our daily swimmers have enjoyed the warmer than usual water right through the last few months.  “Like a bath”, as Tom says!

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Tom & Pat – daily swimmers and an example to us all.

Even though it’s not Ice Mile calibre, cold(ish) water can do strange things to the mind.  That’s the only explanation I can think of for Gary’s carry-on in this series of pictures, as he throws off the wetsuit and works on his acclimatisation outside the water.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

This is one display Denis wasn’t expecting to have to watch – Gary springs into action.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

‘REAL men don’t wear skirts, lads – just togs!’ Gary Frost continues the show.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

The Finale – Would you buy a used car from this man?   Gary Frost doing…..something. You’ll have to ask him.

More returnees last week with Rebeca Power notably going straight back into the sea in togs.  Cold?  What cold?  Aiming for Thursday at 4.30pm and Saturday at 08.15, weather permitting.