Visitors, tourists & supporters.

Saturday was absolutely picture-perfect in Myrtleville.  Water temperature at 9.5c and sunny on land – real signs of Summer on the way.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Denis Condon going in first – Saturday March 15, 2014.

We had a welcome return visit from Angela Leonard from Wicklow Masters, down for the weekend.  No pictures allowed!  She was telling us it was only 4c in the water up the country.  Looking at the nearest temps I can find (Arklow), I think she was just trying to make us feel inadequate. To be fair, it looks like it was really, really cold up there in February 🙂

James Slowey found his map for directions and managed to make it down for a swim.  He even brought a support team – at least it was a nice morning for them.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Dean & Ciara – James Slowey’s support team: dragged out of bed on a Saturday morning.

Bernard was on tour for the weekend and came across an interesting sign in the Deise.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Bernard on Tour – very medieval down Waterford way…..the lower sign is important, though!

The planned swim for Thursday morning is looking dodgy as the forecast is very bad.  We are going to move it to Friday at 06.30, to see if we can get in then.

2 thoughts on “Visitors, tourists & supporters.

  1. Thanks for the warm welcome and spectacularly sunny and clear water swim…wetsuits just aren’t flattering, on me anyway:)

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