Visitors and muggers – be warned.

The best of luck this afternoon to all the Lee Swim participants. Remember to wear your Myrtleville Hat under your Lee Swim hat – for luck 😊

Some of the Distance Camp swimmers arrived early to touch the Hat for luck today and in tomorrow’s six hour swim – Mike Latham and Sarah Kenyon from the UK and Sylvia Marino from San Francisco. I wonder if Sean Foley met Sylvia when he was lapping SF bay. I must ask.

FB_IMG_1436613475282FB_IMG_1436613513907Unfortunately we also seem to have had a mugging this morning. Committed wetsuiter, Brian Twomey, emerged from the water in togs after the swim. Pirates waylaid him and stole the suit at the Dutchman maybe. Brian was putting a brave face on it. Legend.



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