RNLI Myrtleville-Church Bay: July 4, 2015: Seven weeks to go

Seven weeks to go.  Don’t miss this event.  Get swimming and entering.

In 2011, the swim was moved to Camden, due to unfavourable weather at Myrtleville.  Judging on the picture below, they bashed down the metal fences to get in there – although that could have been done by Micky, Kenneth or Roy, I suppose.

Then a mad fella in a wetsuit sent them forth into the sea.  Plenty of them looked dubious about it.  Good to see Moz had used a few bottles of fake tan and had waxed for the day.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

RNLI Myrtleville-Church Bay Swim 2011 Safety briefing (pic Howard Crowdy).

To be fair, it must have been bad if even No. 55 was biting his nails in anticipation.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

ECHO SPORT – Event organiser Bernard Lynch shows some of the competitors the route prior to the start of the 2nd annual RNLI 2k Open Water Swim at Fort Camden, Crosshaven (pic Howard Crowdy)

Get swimming and entering for the 2015 event.  Not to be missed.

Bermuda Hat & Hidey Hat.

The Hat is still getting around.  I think it’s supposed to be a Panama Hat and Bermuda Shorts, but this one is a Bermuda Hat.  Modelled by Bonnie Schwartz, this is a verifiable picture of The Hat on tour in Bermuda via NY City.  Getting this picture was a welcome relief after the terrible Sean Foley Silicon Valley (Youghal) Fraud.

Bonnie Schwartz in Bermuda.

Bonnie Schwartz in Bermuda.

Bonnie will be back in Myrtleville on August 21st for her first “Married Lady Swim”, just two days after her wedding.  She’s bringing a group of US swimmers with her, so mark that one in your diaries for an early swim that Friday morning.

It’s great to see people proudly wearing The Hat.  Even those who may not publicly be known for being vocal supporters are still spotted quietly showing their true colours.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

The Hat worn on the inside. Is this a “keep your friends close but your enemies closer” Godfather vibe, or is she just coming out as a Myrtlevillian? Looks good on you, Angela!

Viva The Hat 🙂

RNLI Myrtleville – Church Bay: July 4, 2015

Entries are coming in steadily for this fantastic swim.  Get yours in here.

This is the sixth running of the event and I thought a few blasts from the past would be appropriate.  With thanks to Howard Crowdy.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Pictured at the first Myrtleville to Church Bay RNLI Sea Swim 2010 were well known swimmers Imelda Lynch, Diarmuid Herlihy, Billy Campion, Finbarr Hedderman, Ossi Schmidt, Ned Denison and Lisa Cummins  (pic Howard Crowdy)

Seriously, look at de baba at the back.  Ah, Finbarr….were you about 15?

Ossi is smiling in that one but, at times, he has been know to be a bit….precise or maybe Germanic, shall we say.  Apparently on the day of this first swim it was scheduled to start at 2.30pm.  There was no way that Ossi was going to begin until the appointed time.  As for the rest of the entrants….they were a bit more on the Irish side.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Ossi Schmidt pictured appears to be giving the swimmers a head start during the Myrtleville to Church Bay RNLI Sea Swim 2010  (pic Howard Crowdy)

Don’t miss the sixth running of this great swim.  Enter here.

Darkness into Light Swim 2015

Some of us, unfortunately, had to miss this fantastic event for very good reasons, but that doesn’t stop certain people having a quick swipe at us in their recap of the swim (yes, Carol, I’m talking about you…).

I was in a shop in Cobh at 8am and was delighted to hear on the radio that the swim was mentioned and had clearly caught public attention.  Very well done to all.  A great choice of location, Angela and lovely moves in that last picture below too 🙂


“An early start didn’t deter 50 swimmers for taking part in the first Darkness into Light Swim (a twist on the Darkness into Light walk/runs), all for Pieta House.

We met at Myrtleville from 4:30am, signed in to get a number on our hands (safety reasons for counting in/out), had a quick safety briefing at 4:55am and were in the water by 5:00am. Rule was to swim towards Fennels Bay (on left, just before Dutchman Rock), and no one to stay in more than 30mins (so we can count everyone out). With Rob Bohane and Kevin Murphy as chief land crew, everything went to plan. We had swimmers strategically placed amongst the groups, watching, encouraging, laughing!. Riana took some super shots of the morning, and I’ve seen plenty more appear on social media taken from mobile phones etc. We were so lucky with the weather, very slight swell in the water, sea temp 10deg, air temp 8deg, and the clouds cleared to see a wonderful sunrise from behind Roches Point. With plenty of money raised for Pieta House, thanks to everyone who turned up to swim, help, take photos & bake! It was definitely one not to have missed.”

Riana Parsons took some great shots of the swim.  I’ve put all of them in a Google+ folder and it’s shared here.  Here’s a sample:





RNLI Myrtleville – Church Bay swim 2015: 8 weeks to go!

The RNLI Myrtleville to Church Bay (entrance to Cork Harbour) 2km open water sea swim takes place on Saturday 4th July at 6.00pm on an incoming tide. Entry fee is €15, payable on the evening and donated to Crosshaven RNLI, but you must have submitted your entry online.

All participants must be able to verify a minimum of one 1,500m open water swim in 2015. We strongly recommend you have done a longer distance – or several 1,500m swims. This is a fantastic, but challenging swim and not to be attempted without proper preparation.

If you want to practice, come to Myrtleville any Monday night at 6pm or Saturdays at 08.15. For information, email us – myrtlevilleswimmers@gmail.com, tweet @MyrtlevilleS or follow this website for updates.

Open water swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Start of the first swim in 2010.

Darkness into Light SWIM – May 9th, 2015

From Carol Cashell and Angela Harris:

To coincide with the Pieta House Darkness into Light Events, (See their page here) we are holding a Darkness into Light Swim at Myrtleville (as an alternative to the 80 runs being planned that morning!).

Meet by 4:45am & Swim at 5:00am on Sat 9th May (Twilight is at 05:10, Sunrise is at 05:50).

Some Notes on the Swim:

  • There will be a donation Bucket for contributions to Pieta House.
  • Meet by 4:45am
  • Safety Briefing at 4:55am (and we will number everyone’s hands for check-in/check-out)
  • TITW (Toes in the Water!) by 5:00am
  • Swim a Max of 30mins (for safety reasons, please adhere). Whatever your speed, turn back after 10-15mins. 5mins is also an acceptable swim time.
  • DO NOT swim on your own, swim in 2s/3s, stick with your swim buddy so you can talk to them to check in with each other, don’t swim in huge groups, you’d be calling names all the time and your voices will travel over the water!. There will be less stop/starting with smaller groups.
  • Respect the time of day, arrive quietly, avoid shouting, slamming doors etc, common sense really, just be mindful of the sleeping residents.
  • We will meet at the bottom of the steps at 4:45, away for the houses to make sure we are all glowing.
  • As the colour of Pieta House is yellow, if you have a yellow hat, or a hat with yellow in it, wear it, it’ll be our nod to the Cause.
  • Remember it’s only May, expect the air to be cool at that hour. Have the layers of clothes ready for after the swim, and of course the Hot Flask for a cuppa!.
  • Bring a Flash light, you’d be surprised what you can’t find in the dark in the car!
  • After you get changed, and have your cuppa, and are wrapped up warm, enjoy the sunrise 🙂

As this is a night swim (to start), swimmers must have glow sticks on their hats and togs/wetsuits.

There is a link below to show you what the disposable single use glow sticks are like. These are an ideal alternative to the pricier reusable light (but that does have hundreds of hours light on it). It’s worth it to buy a batch of the snap&glow sticks if you will be doing more night swims over the next year or so!

There are cheap jewellery disposable versions in EuroGiant/Dealz etc, but these are not very bright out at sea and they tend to not stay in place too easily (they are not really made for sea swimming!). These should only be used as fun top-ups to the better stronger glow sticks. Plan ahead, do some research online, pair up with someone to share the costs of buying the glow sticks (share shipping costs etc).

Check these out on Amazon as an example of what you are looking for, for one time use, glow sticks.  There is also an Irish Website that sells them.

The reusable night lights for your goggle straps are Called ‘Guardian Adventure lights’ (they can be bought in Centra Crosshaven or CH Marine, Cork). If you want to buy them online, just Click!

Finally, I shouldn’t have to remind you, but as always, this swim is weather dependent :-

And Really this is a Finally, If anyone is willing to help out and stay on the beach while we swim and count us in/out, we’d love to have you, and also, anyone willing to kayak, we’d love to have you there too.. We’ll feed you coffee and cake (well, maybe not cake at 5am, but the offer stands!).

Lies, lies – it’s all lies!

Last Saturday, Sean Foley purchased a new Myrtleville Hat in Lynch’s Centra.  Followers of this site might remember Sean as the man who swore blind, crossed his heart and spat five times on a gypsy’s right hand that he would be down swimming a couple of weeks back.  No sign.  So, by way of making up for this, he announced he would buy a hat and take it to Silicon Valley this week, where he’d use it in an open water pool and in SF Bay.

After a few days, he posted the following picture on d’interweb.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Sean Foley in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Youghal?

We were all duly impressed that Sean was in San Francisco and awaited proper pictures of the sea. And we awaited.  And waited.  And awaited again.

With time on their hands, some experts noted that the supposedly 50m open water pool in the background looked an awful lot like Brookfield.  Others queried Sean’s reasoning that he hadn’t been able to go into SF Bay as there might be great white sharks within 14 miles (he was very precise).  No shark would attack a Hat wearer (note: incomplete research on this.  Swim with sharks at your own risk, whether wearing Hat or otherwise).

Finally, body language experts noted that in the picture, Sean was clearly looking to the right – the classic tell for LIARS (note: some research has disproved this, but we don’t believe it.  They’re LIARS too).

So, for the first time, we have a Hat Fraud.  We await Sean’s return from Glanmire or Youghal or wherever to defend himself, or accept his sentence of a quick dip on the next calm day of our choosing.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Calm day, thank God.