Lies, lies – it’s all lies!

Last Saturday, Sean Foley purchased a new Myrtleville Hat in Lynch’s Centra.  Followers of this site might remember Sean as the man who swore blind, crossed his heart and spat five times on a gypsy’s right hand that he would be down swimming a couple of weeks back.  No sign.  So, by way of making up for this, he announced he would buy a hat and take it to Silicon Valley this week, where he’d use it in an open water pool and in SF Bay.

After a few days, he posted the following picture on d’interweb.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Sean Foley in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Youghal?

We were all duly impressed that Sean was in San Francisco and awaited proper pictures of the sea. And we awaited.  And waited.  And awaited again.

With time on their hands, some experts noted that the supposedly 50m open water pool in the background looked an awful lot like Brookfield.  Others queried Sean’s reasoning that he hadn’t been able to go into SF Bay as there might be great white sharks within 14 miles (he was very precise).  No shark would attack a Hat wearer (note: incomplete research on this.  Swim with sharks at your own risk, whether wearing Hat or otherwise).

Finally, body language experts noted that in the picture, Sean was clearly looking to the right – the classic tell for LIARS (note: some research has disproved this, but we don’t believe it.  They’re LIARS too).

So, for the first time, we have a Hat Fraud.  We await Sean’s return from Glanmire or Youghal or wherever to defend himself, or accept his sentence of a quick dip on the next calm day of our choosing.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland

Calm day, thank God.

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