Long Swims list & hats

The County Cork Swimmers (plus a bit of Kerry Coastline) Long Distance (5km solo or 20km relay) Open Water Swims List has been updated for May, 2017.   Better known as “Ned’s List”, this is managed by Ned Denison – in yet another example of his vast time input into open water swimming administration.

As Ned found he had 2.37 minutes to spare one day, he decided to organise hats for all 10k+ and 10 mile+ swimmers on the list.   These are being distributed to the lucky recipients with only 75 more to go, Ned says!  Great to fill that spare time, Ned 🙂

Check the list in case your swim is missing, or just to enjoy the huge range of swims undertaken by Corkonians and invited guest Corkonians!

Click on the list here:

County_Cork_plus_some_of_Kerry_Coastline__-_Long_Swims 9 May 2017