Myrtle Turtles success!!

12.07 unofficial time. Very well done to all the Myrtle Turtles and crew. Delighted and very proud for you all ūüėĀ

Eoin headed for France. Dead ahead

Eoin headed for France. Dead ahead.

Eoin In France!!! Well done the Myrtle Turtles!!

Eoin In France!!! Well done the Myrtle Turtles!!

Swim chart from the Pilot.

Swim chart from the Pilot.

Very happy Turtles on the way back to Dover.

Very happy Turtles on the way back to Dover.

Turtles on the way

Eoin Lowry began the big day, leaving Shakespeare beach at 06.27 this morning and the team is flying so far.  Click on the tracker here.


Follow updates on Twitter @MulcahyMaeve. She’s doing a great job!

Myrtle Turtles flying the flag on Galivant this morning.

Myrtle Turtles flying the flag on Galivant this morning.

July 14 is T Day

Looks like it has finally arrived РT Day (when the Myrtle Turtles swim to France) is scheduled to begin at 5.30 am tomorrow, Thursday, July 14.  Bastille Day.

They are on Gallivant with pilot, Mike Oram and the tracker will be live from the start time tomorrow morning.  Click on the tracker link here. 

Unfortunately, during the waiting around there have been some disturbances Рwith a man sighted loitering in the bushes near the caravan.  Vaguely familiar look to him, I thought.

Open water swimming.

Anyone know this man – the Dover Loiterer?

The ladies have now deployed divine assistance, with the Child of Prague warding off bad weather and unwanted bushmen.

Open water swimming

Child of Prague in the Varne Ridge bushes.

Vive les Turtles! ¬†Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Myrtle Turtles English Channel Relay team

Turtles in waiting – manager overboard.

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Follow the Myrtle Turtles on Twitter at: @MulcahyMaeve.

Resting is training too

Yes, no less an expert than Roy Keane himself said that recently. Resting is training too. Delighted to see the Myrtle Turtles have this core skill down pat and are, indeed, quite expert at it themselves.

Here’s Caitriona, Anne and Eoin from the Turtles training hard while bound for Dover ūüôā



IMG-20160709-WA0007-20160709-193047815Go Turtles!!

Myrtle Turtles Training video

Nice work by Anne Sheehy on some of the images from the Myrtle Turtles Channel Relay team training so far. ¬†Only a few days to go now ūüôā

Follow the Myrtle Turtles on Facebook just click here.

Follow the Myrtle Turtles on Twitter at: @MulcahyMaeve.

Courtmacsherry Lifeboat Swim: August 13, 2016

From Ray McArdle:

The 6th Annual Courtmacsherry Lifeboat Swim takes place at Blind Strand, near the picturesque fishing village of Courtmacsherry at 1.00 pm on Saturday, August 13th. Courtmacsherry is a 45 minute drive from the Bandon Road roundabout.  The swim will be well sign posted from the village.  Please leave plenty of time for parking and registration (by 12.15 at the latest). The safety briefing will take place at 12.45pm.

The swim course starts on the beach at Blind Strand and proceeds anti-clockwise around 2 markers. 

Participants can choose between 1 lap (1.5K) or 2 laps (3K). Swimmers who elect to do 2 laps will run/walk a short distance on the beach prior to starting lap 2. Courtmac swim

The Courtmacsherry volunteers will provide soup and sandwiches for all participants and volunteers. This year I am delighted to announce that we have new sponsors for the event.  IT@Cork Skillnet will be providing the first 100 swimmers registered with a generous goody bag.  Really nice gift inside each one.

All proceeds from the swim go to the Courtmacsherry Lifeboat and Swim Ireland membership is not required. 

Registration this year is again via Active.

Registration¬†closes on Thursday, August 11th.¬† Online registration costs ‚ā¨15, or you can register on the day for ‚ā¨20, until¬†the maximum number is reached.

If you know of anyone who would like to volunteer to kayak, please have them contact me directly. (Ray McArdle -087-754-6953).

Any further updates will be posted on the event web page and emailed to those registered.

I look forward to seeing you for a fun swim on August 13th.

Ray McArdle

Polling suspended as hackers hijack towel vote

Voting in the most fiercely contested poll of the year (Brex who?) has had to be suspended, when the poll was hacked. ¬†IP address searches by our experts tracking the hackers indicate Kinsaleish area involvement. ¬†Known skilled IT types with anti-Myrtlevillian grudges are suspected – primarily Eoin “Flash Trader” O’Riordan.

Right up there on the list of good advice with “never get into a land war in South East Asia” is now “never run an online poll”. ¬†Having possibly encouraged multiple voting in a few polls in the past (thanks for that ILDSA award, by the way),¬†we had expected some attempts at same on this poll and had guarded against it.

The shock came when the poll was hacked and a¬†spurious “third candidate” inserted as an option – Towelly McTowelface. ¬†Here’s the poll online¬†before our crack team of anti-hackers sprang into action and asked someone who knew what they were doing to fix it. ¬†

Hacked poll with spurious third candidate.

Hacked poll with spurious third candidate.

Seriously, though – it’s not even original. ¬† Must try harder, Eoin unidentified hackers. Here’s a close-up of the “candidate”.

Yellow Towel

We are now recounting the thousands of votes cast in the poll, to clarify the voting position prior to the hacking.  Tallymen indicate a blue win, but final results are not yet to hand.  

We will be in a position to report on the result we want – as opposed to the actual result, if necessary – after multiple recounts, analysis of hanging chads and querying of the accuracy of the e-Voting machines. ¬†Sometime in 2017, I’d say. ¬†Maybe.