June 10 swim cancelled

Unfortunately we have to cancel tomorrow’s planned RNLI Myrtleville to Church Bay Swim, due to the bad wind forecast.  The revised date is THURSDAY, JULY 13TH AT 7.00 PM.

More details next week on the revised swim.

RNLI Swim – Weather

A final decision on whether we can proceed on Saturday will be made at 9.00 on Friday morning.    We will post that decision here, on Twitter, Facebook and via email to all entrants.  Fingers crossed!

Collective Noun for Selkies?

A bit of a problem here.  I’m seeking input from the educated masses who populate the beach. I can’t seem to find the correct collective noun for Selkies – and their channel relay team of the same name.

Since there will be a lot of talk about this gang/posse/swarm/tiding/totter/ubiquity/quiver over the next few weeks, I need to get it right.

Diligent research has unearthed gems such as “a party of jays”, “a smack (or smuth) of jellyfish”, “an obstinacy of buffalo”, ” a gam of whales” etc.etc.  No Selkies.

I even found the correct collective noun for Sandycovers – “a trip of goats” (no, I didn’t make that up). Still, no Selkies.

Any suggestions, please?  In the official team picture below, might they be “a rockful of Selkies”?  Or would they be categorised by colour – “a Navy of Selkies”?

Myrtleville Selkies English Channel Relay Team

An early suggestion from Denis Condon that it would be “a langerload of Selkies” was discarded.  Valid suggestions only to whatsheonaboutnow@myrtlevilleswimmers.com.

The winning entry gets Selkie autographs at the RNLI Myrtleville-Church Bay swim on June 10.   Better enter, or you might miss out.