Massively Tremendous Transfer News

If you don’t have your entry in for the RNLI Myrtleville to Church Bay swim on June 10, do it right now, right here!  As if it wasn’t enough to be a part of the WORLD’S NO.1 SWIM (source – B. Lynch), by entering you could meet one of the biggest stars of open water swimming.   He has followed the masses to Myrtleville and declared himself, by his actions, to be the Myrtlevillian at heart that we all knew he really was.

Yes, in the news of the year, this giant of our sport has made the life-changing decision to take a job in Ringaskiddy to be close to his new swim base in Myrtleville.  With 8am work starts, he’s planning early swims and plenty of them – right here with us in Myrtleville.

Finbarr Hedderman is coming to our beach!!  Photographed recently at the announcement of his transfer from some other place down West, he made sure Rob The Bull wasn’t around, then confirmed he was coming to the home of swimming, down Myrtleville way.

Open water, sea swimming in Cork, Ireland.

Delighted you’ve finally come out as a Myrtlevillian, Finbarr.  You’ll never be just a number to us.

Let’s all give him a big welcome and be sure to get his autograph on June 10th.  Enter Now (as long as you’ve done 1,500m in the sea…) 🙂

2 thoughts on “Massively Tremendous Transfer News

  1. Damian – the transfer from Sandycove Island is not yet complete. To remind you the deal was: you get Finbarr and we get the Dutchman rock

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